Dairy Queen Cows Polyester Doormat

Dairy Queen Cows Polyester Doormat


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Dairy Queens Cows doormat. Doormat Art by Bonnie Marris.

This striking doormat with three cows make a wonderful welcome entrance mat for your home. This Dairy Queen Cows doormat will make a lovely home accent or a great gift.



Polyester mats are popular and affordable. Thee mats have a 100% polyester face and a rubber backing. They come in a wide range of colours and textures and are easy to print on. The doormat is permanently dye printed & fade resistant for long lasting use. Polyester is a non-allergenic material that resists moisture. This helps make the mats mold and mildew resistant. The mats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Material Polyester
Backing Rubber
Base Color
Print/Accent Color
Edging Polypropylene Web Trim
Size 18" x 27"

To clean simply hose off and air dry.


We’ve got just the doormat for you. Designed by artists across America will bring your love out to the doorstep and exclaim it loudly to every guest visiting your home.

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