Half Moon Pineapple (Silver) Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat

Half Moon Pineapple (Silver) Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat


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The Half Moon Pineapple (Silver) Welcome Mat is an elegant addition to your entryway. This mat is the perfect way to greet your guests with the metal design half-moon welcome hand crafted made of in USA.

Easy to clean and care for, this door mat will lend a touch of class to any doorway.

Recycled Mats are great as they are environmentally friendly and made out of 100% recycled rubber products. This Eco-friendly mat with an intricate  pattern is perfect to place at your front door.  This elegant rubber doormat will welcome your guests while brushing the dirt of their shoes to keep your interior clean. 

These recycled rubber mats are is easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain as they trap the dirt and can be easily picked up to clean or brush away the dirt collected with a broom.

Cocomatsnmore has recycled mats made out of rubber and metal. Save the environment with these Eco-friendly mats.






Base Color


Print/Accent Color





18” by 36”

    • Durable and perfect for heavy use.


    • Rubber molding makes the mat skid-free.


    • Bleached and stenciled with fade resistant dyes.