12 Gorgeous Floral Doormats to Gift Someone who Loves Flowers

You can never have too many gift ideas! Birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, Christmas, New Year, Chanukkah, Diwali, and sometimes for no other reason than to surprise a person–they all require gift-giving! And more often than not, we obsess about what we should buy? Things reach a particularly tricky place when the holidays come around!

If you know someone who loves flowers and floral prints, then we are about to make your life really easy! We stock a range of pretty floral mats that all flower fans will totally love. We’ve pulled together some of our more popular mats in this post to give you an idea.

Summer Garden Handwoven Coco Doormat 


A summer garden is in bloom on your doorstep.


Solstice Garden Coco Doormat

Irrepressibly colorful and full of optimism, this doormat sets the sunny summer mood.

Hand-drawn Orchids Coco Doormat

Illustrated orchids add designer charm to any doorstep.


Magnolia Blossom Handwoven Coco Doormat

Magnolias in line illustration appeal to minimalist design inclinations.


Olive and Lilac Handwoven Coco Doormat 

Mehndi style block print harks to an Eastern design aesthetic.


Ink Bouquet Handwoven Coco Doormat

Line illustration bouquet of flowers will appeal to everyone and will blend with all decor styles.

Blushing Tulips Coco Doormat

Delicate, coy, and simply lovely, here’s a gift no one can not be happy about.


Tangerine Lily Handwoven Coco Doormat

Designer elegance in the shape of a tangerine lily print.


Summer Peony Handwoven Coco Doormat

An oriental design influence rendered in vibrant colors bring that delicate Asian vibe to the entrance.


Floral Welcome Vinyl Coir Doormat

As they say, say it with flowers and make it a sweet welcome.


Monroe Handwoven Coco Doormat

Monroe Handwoven Coco Doormat


Forget Me Nots Handwoven Coco Doormat

The color pop floral print makes this doormat unforgettable.

Wrap them beauties up in some warm golden paper or roll them up and fasten a ribbon around them.

If you’d rather gift urban and elegant designer doormats check out this post where we display a small collection of doormats that would be great for gifting.

Happy Gifting y’all!