Coco Scraper Mats

Made out of high-quality, durable, all-natural coconut fibers 

Coco Scraper Mats

Made of high quality durable natural coconut fibers 
Coco Scrapper Mats

For doorways that experience the extra grime and mud, our Coco Scrapper Mats stand up to tough conditions on their mission to keep the inside of your house clean.

Coarse coconut husk fibers wrapped around a steel wire frame make these mats perfect for entryways to gardens. Combine with a traditional doormat to keep your floors clean and tidy.

A longer product life

This is an excellent and functional gift idea! These mats are best used for any place that gets a lot of snow as their design is meant to withstand and survive wet areas.

The quality highly durable natural coconut fibers ensure a longer product life. These unique doormats are perfect for households as well as industrial applications.