3 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Commercial Floor Mats

Canada Mats provides a broad selection of mats, carpets, and other flooring goods made for various business buildings. We have a solution to keep your employees and visitors safe and enhance the appearance of your workplace, regardless of the nature of your building, the volume of traffic your floors handle daily, or the weather and related threats you encounter.

But selecting the right option for you or purchasing a floor mat might be challenging. To assist you make informed decisions that meet your budget, we provide free consultations with our knowledgeable flooring experts. They can assess your needs. But when you begin your shopping, bear in mind that the following three considerations will significantly define the kind of flooring product you require:


Where you will be laying the mat is likely to be the most important consideration. Will it enter or leave the building? Will it be placed there or in locations that would require specialty matting, such as the kitchen, clean room, salon, or gym? Which type of matting material to select will depend on the answers to these questions. The majority of establishments spend money on both indoor and outdoor mats. In order to maximise defence against incoming dirt, moisture, and debris, interior "carpet" mats and outdoor "scraper" mats, for instance, can be used together.


Weather-related hazards that could cause slip and fall accidents or damage to flooring are different for a facility in the frozen tundra of Minnesota than they are for one in the arid deserts of Arizona. Many businesses buy various mats to use at various seasons of the year since tropical, temperate, and harsh regions all require different kinds of mats.


The type of indoor mats you choose should be based on how much foot activity the area experiences on a daily basis. Simple carpet mats may be adequate for small companies to handle light foot traffic. On the other hand, a recessed grill system is safer and more efficient for busy malls and transportation hubs.

As previously mentioned, speaking with a professional is the best approach to match your flooring requirements with the appropriate flooring materials. At Canada Mats, we take great pride in providing and installing the best industrial mats and floor coverings available. Our products are made to be functional, long-lasting, and safe in a variety of settings.