3 Gifts You Can Give to a New Homeowner

Author: Jackie Roane

It can be a challenge to pick out housewarming presents for friends. After all, you want to avoid gifting a new homeowner something that ends up becoming dust-collecting clutter down the line. This is why a few years ago, experience-based gifts were a big trend; 63% of US adults said they’d prefer to receive an experience gift than a material gift during the holiday season. Still, thoughtful presents for a new house never go out of style. Today, we’ll look at three gifts you can give a new homeowner which is functional and won’t end up getting tossed out:

Scented candles

Everyone loves a good scented candle, or two, or a whole set. Scented candles have become so popular these days that they’ve even become a gauge for symptoms of COVID-19 at one point — seriously, a statistician used “no smell” reviews of a scented candle brand to predict a surge in cases. Even the most sensitive noses can be satisfied with subtler scent and fragrance choices. Gifting your homeowner friend a scented candle can help them keep their new home feeling nice and welcoming; these also make for great interior design accents on their coffee table or in the guest bathroom. Emptied-out scented candle containers can stay as classy shelf decor, and some scented candle sellers even allow you to customize the scent or, at the very least, the packaging the candles come in. As far as housewarming gifts go, scented candles are inexpensive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing options.

Robot vacuum

Nowadays, a robot vacuum is one of the most sought-after home appliances. They’re not as bulky as traditional vacuums and don’t require a person to move them around and operate them. The latest robot vacuums on the market now come at every price point and offer features like WiFi connectivity or room-mapping capabilities. These automated cleaning machines are ideal for pet owners, busy parents, and workaholics who want to come home to spotless, dander-free homes. You can opt for branded models like the Samsung POWERbot, or stick to the now-household-name Roomba vacuums from iRobot. Boasting durability and a sleek design, the Roomba S9+ even comes with a self-emptying bin. Robo-vacs may sound like an odd housewarming idea at first, but for people who may be too busy to clean the rooms of their new home manually, a robot vacuum can be a lifesaver on weekends when they have too many things to do.


hello sunshine coco mat

The doormat is usually the first thing you see in a home and is the first line of defense against mud and dirt from the great outdoors, so you want to gift the best doormats available. Plus, it would also be a nice gesture to have a carefully chosen doormat as a gift that your new homeowner friend can see almost daily. We’ve previously written a post on the must-know tips for picking out doormats, and it’s worth knowing whether you’re buying an outdoor mat or an indoor mat. If anything, you’ll be able to ensure your gift will be used correctly instead of just being a door-jammer. To take your housewarming gift to the next step, you could even look into personalized doormats to make sure your doormat gift stands out and stays memorable. Here at Coco Mats, we offer a choice between low-profile vinyl-backed mats or 100% handwoven ones with a braided edge — all eco-friendly and beautifully designed options for your housewarming gifting needs.