4 Tips for Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Porch Look with Coco Mats N More

Regarding home décor inspiration, Pinterest is a goldmine of ideas. One popular trend on the platform is creating a cozy and stylish porch look. But with many options, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately, Coco Mats N More is here to help. Our wide selection of porch coco mats can be the perfect foundation for creating your dream porch look. In this blog post, we'll share four tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy porch look using inspiration from our collections.

Start with a Statement Mat

A bold and eye-catching mat can set the tone for the rest of your porch décor. Coco Mats N More has various unique and stylish options, from classic monogrammed mats to fun and colorful designs.

Look at this porch, intricately designed with Hello Sunshine Coco Mat! Check out our Pinterest and Tiktok accounts for more design ideas!


Layer Mats with an Underlay

To add texture and dimension to your porch, consider layering coco mats and an underlay made of cloth. The underlay is designed to go beneath the mat for aesthetic purposes and to prevent slipping. It comes in two designs: checkered and striped and is reversible. These neutral mats are the perfect complement to your coco doormat.

Add Seating and Plants

No porch is complete without comfortable seating and lush greenery. Consider adding a cozy bench or rocking chair and filling your space with potted plants and hanging baskets.

This Prosecco and Peonies Coco Doormat matched with the porch plants and the neutral-colored woven rattan sofas create a homey and country feeling.


Make It Your Own!

Make your porch uniquely yours by adding personal touches that reflect your style and personality. Coco Mats N More provides various custom mat options, including Commercial Coir Mats, Personalized Coco Mats, Plain Coco Mats, Designer Coco Mats, and Trending Coco Mats.
Take a look at this Personalized Mat featuring your family name! It's a great way to show pride in your ancestry.

With these tips and inspiration from Coco Mats N More, you'll be on your way to creating a Pinterest-worthy porch you'll love spending time on. Start browsing on the selection today to find the perfect coir mats for your space.