8 Typical Commercial Areas Where Non-Slip Mats Are Required

All stores and restaurants should place a high focus on safety, whether it be preventing injuries to consumers while they shop or to staff members while they are at work. Non-slip mats are a terrific method to quickly and simply increase the safety of a space, and they are much more reasonably priced than other, more expensive options. Check to see whether your neighbourhood is one of the popular places where a mat can really make a difference.




  • Building Entrances
    Any entranceway that is open to the weather, whether it be in a major shopping centre complex or a little boutique shop, can get slick and damp, especially on rainy and gloomy days. A mat can secure their protection and prevent them from spreading dirt and water throughout the rest of the business because there are so many customers coming in and out of the facility.
  • Near Drinking Fountains
    No matter how hard you try, drinking from water fountains is difficult because water always manages to get everywhere. Non-slip mats will keep your customers' feet steady while they consume their beverages and maintain the area's safety for those who follow them.
  • In Laundromats
    Laundry facilities can inevitably become extremely slick, very quickly. Water spills, wet clothes spills, and machine overflows can all create dangerous conditions. Customers will stay safe and out of harm's way thanks to non-slip mats.
  • At Food Courts
    Without a doubt, spills can occur whenever food and beverages are present, whether they are caused by employee or customer error. Use mats to prevent a minor accident from becoming a serious injury.
  • In Kitchens
    Here, accidents are considerably more likely to happen, especially in a busy commercial kitchen. Daily cleaning can keep dangerous bacteria at bay, but hurried employees may trip over spills that occur during the day. Not so with non-slip mats!
  • Near Dishwashers and Sinks
    The likelihood of an accident increases as your employees approach flowing water. Water will inevitably end up on the floor throughout the day, so make sure you have mats all around the area.
  • At Buffets
    As we previously stated, mishaps are inevitable when food is present. Even when customers serve themselves and food isn't passed from one person to another, something will inevitably wind up in the wrong place in the race to acquire the nicest slice of cake or add gravy to their potatoes without holding up the line. To prevent this from getting worse, use non-slip mats.
  • Under Soap Dispensers
    In general, people use soap dispensers when there is running water nearby or when their hands are moist. To stop a clean situation from becoming really dirty, all you have to do is lay down some matting.

As you can see, slips can happen whenever there is a possibility of food or drink. Our anti-slip matting can help shield your personnel and customers from serious mishaps and injuries, keeping everyone safe. To learn which product is best for your location, get in touch with us.