A Place Called Home

Where is home for you? For some, it is a plush apartment in an upper class quarter of the city. For others, it’s a charming house in the countryside. Perhaps a quaint cottage in a green leafy lane? For those who like going places, it could be a trailer or a carvan that’s always on the move. Then again, maybe a bungalow by the foamy blue sea or a serene lakehouse fits the bill.

No matter what your idea of a perfect home is, our doormats are perfectly at home outside it.

Home is Where the Welcome Mat is Doormat

Ever notice how people’s homes are a reflection of their personalities? From the location to the style of house, the decor, and art on the walls, houses give out clues about the people who live in them. If your heart has decided to call a place home, put a doormat outside it and make it official.

Home Handwoven Coco Doormat

Imagine spending 2 hours stuck in the slowest-moving traffic. Imagine working so hard you forget what happened to the hours between 9 am and 5 pm. Imagine spending 2 months on the road, living out of a suitcase. And then imagine walking up to your door and seeing this mat. There really is no place as comforting as home.

Home Sweet Home Vinyl Coir Doormat

No matter how plush your office is, how high flying your job is, how hard you party, what kind of a globetrotter you are, how many fancy places you’ve been to or how glamorous, glitzy and wild your life is, there is only one place where you can just be you. That place is home sweet home.

Welcome Beach Coco Doormat

Who doesn’t like the beach? It has the sea, it has sand, it has sunshine, it has beach bumming. And if you are really lucky, it hosts your house. A doormat for those with beach-front homes as well as those whose unofficial address is the beach.

Home is Where the WiFi Connects Automatically Doormat

There are some among us for whom WiFi is like oxygen. There’s no life for them—or their devices—without it. After logging in and out of WiFi networks all over the city, you know you are home when your welcome is in the form of automatically connected WiFi.

Home Icon Vinyl Coir Doormat

If you got this doormat, then you must get this doormat, right?

There are many other doormats available on www.cocomatsnmore.com. Feel free to drop in any time and look through them.