An Excellent Option for Home Gyms Is Rubber Matting


You're fortunate to have a home gym, then! You now need a flooring alternative that won't harm your home's flooring or your exercise equipment. Additionally, you don't want the floor to be so hard that you damage yourself if you fall or that you get carpet burn. You require rubber mastic flooring! This is the ideal addition to any home gym because it is made to safeguard users and aid in injury prevention. Simply select the choice that is best for you.

Grip Top Tiles

These tiles provide a cozy and long-lasting non-slip surface that works well for practically any application. They are exceedingly simple to install—you could do it yourself in a few minutes—thanks to their interlocking sections! It's simple to adjust the size, add more tiles if you receive more gym equipment, and stack it away if you need to use the space for another purpose.

Modular Matting

Resilient rubber was used to create this matting, which is intended to lessen fatigue. This is the option for you if you want extensive workouts! It won't increase leg weariness or lower back pain. Due to its solid surface construction, it's also perfect for equipment transportation, so you may move your benches all over the space. If necessary, this is also incredibly simple to pack away.

Enviro Tiles

This mat is made exclusively for use in gyms; in fact, for the past four years, it has been the most popular rubber gym tile! It not only provides you with an appealing, non-slip surface for exercising that is also extremely reasonably priced (even when wet). The light weight tiles are ideal for loose installation, which cuts down on labour and adhesive expenses.

Comfort Floor Tiles

The most cozy option is this one, which appears to have come directly out of your kindergarten classroom! These tiles are made to be both comfortable and strong, and have a thickness that is more than twice as thick as your other options (30mm). They are resistant to spills despite their thickness, so you can tip your pre-workout without worrying about any long-lasting harm.

These are your options if you want a chic home gym with professional-grade flooring! Choose the rubber flooring you believe would be most appropriate for your house, or get in touch with us for our professional advice.