Anti-fatigue Comfort for You in Your Kitchen

Cooking is not as easy as apple pie. You have to ensure that finicky kiddie (and adult) palates are catered to, and the meal is nutritious, but also delicious cos you really want everyone at home to like what’s on their plate. Hence, you take help from sauces and herbs and more than a fair share of butter. Striking the right balance between nutrition and taste takes planning, so you consult cook books, call your mom about recipes, and you experiment. Whatever be the outcome of all this work, one thing is for sure: the whole thing is rough on your feet and legs, leaving them sore, fatigued and in discomfort.

For some unknown reason, anti-fatigue mats bring to mind images of people standing for long hours at store counters, workstations and in factories. What about housewives and food-based entrepreneurs? They too stand long hours in the kitchen and experience exactly the same foot fatigue. Why not include them too on the list of those who can benefit from the comfort of anti-fatigue mats?  

To be honest, most anti-fatigue mats that can work just as effectively in kitchens as they do in industrial and commercial settings. In fct, a lot of these mats are used in commercial kitchens, where the working conditions are far more challenging. Anti-fatigue means the mats are padded and cushion feet. Made from rubber, these mats are easy to wash off—a major thank-you point when you are working with sauces and dips, butter and juices, gravies and custards, puddings and ice creams—everything than can drip, slip, spill and splatter. Some of our mats can be customized according to your kitchen layout, so you can choose how they need to be configured.

CM Comfort-Series Anti Fatigue Mats are a great choice for a residential kitchen. It provides comfort and relief to anyone who needs to spend an extended period of time on their feet. These ergonomic standing mats provide an excellent layer of protection against cold hard floors, while keeping you healthier, more comfortable, energized, and more productive.

Comfort-Series Anti Fatigue Mats provide a subtle level of flexibility on the surface that causes muscles to contract and expand as the feet constantly adjust to the flexible mat surface. This results in increased blood flow and oxygen to the heart, leading to decreased levels of fatigue, better health, and more productive use of your time.

Due to its unique one-piece construction made out of 100% tear-resistant polyurethane, these anti fatigue mats will not delaminate, bubble up, tear, or split up due to the breakdown of any bonding agent or glue used for joining two pieces. The mats thus come with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Comfort-Series mats are slightly firmer than many of its competitors. The firmer surface creates a more subtle instability at the surface level, which makes them much more effective at easing fatigue over long periods of time. 

Happy shopping for happy feet!