Anti-Fatigue Mats For Happy Feet

The best thing that has ever happened to feet that are, uh, on their feet all day long — spouses who work at home in the kitchen and laundry room, staff members at retail counters, and personnel in workshops and factories — are anti-fatigue mats.

What happens to an employee's feet after a prolonged period of standing? Foot tiredness results from standing for extended periods of time on uncomfortably hard surfaces while working. The back hurts from tension, the muscles in the legs feel tight and painful, and the soles of the feet hurt and are all balled up. In addition to this, problems like pronation (flattening of the feet) and varicose veins are among the most severe health consequences of prolonged standing (stagnation of blood in the lower limbs).

Why does standing for extended periods of time cause discomfort and fatigue? Standing for extended periods of time causes muscle constriction and restricted blood flow, which makes the heart work harder to pump blood to the legs' blood-starved muscles. As a result, our bodies expend more energy, which is why we experience discomfort, agony, and weariness.

How does this impact your staff and your company? All of the aforementioned are not only exceedingly uncomfortable and crippling for the workers, but they also have an impact on man hours and productivity. In the end, your company will be responsible for paying medical and insurance costs that arise from helping your employees deal with their aching feet.

Anti-fatigue mats: How do they work? Leg muscles can gradually contract and expand as they adapt to the flexible mat surface thanks to the anti-fatigue mats' flexible padding surface. Less fatigue and discomfort result from easier blood flow between the muscles and heart when muscles are not static. The pressure and strain your feet suffer from prolonged standing can be greatly reduced by using anti-fatigue mats. Their supple, padded design soothes feet and guards against stress. 

Hog Heaven Colored Border Anti-Fatigue Mat


Uses: Great for factories and workshops.

  • Since the mats are anti-static and made entirely of rubber nitrile, they are impervious to oils and chemicals and endure longer.
  • Nitrile foam, which has excellent anti-fatigue qualities, is used to make mats.
  • In every type of job, the diamond-textured surface pattern provides exceptional anti-skid safety.

Switchboard Anti-Fatigue Matting

Uses: Great for employees who work with electricals and electricity.

  • The worker is provided insulation by the non-conductive PVC matting. The worker is shielded from grounding by this non-conductive pad, preventing electrical shock.
  • The ANSI/ANSTM D-178 requirements are tested for compliance with each square foot of matting.

Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue Mat


Uses: Great for use in industrial environments--factories and workshops.

  • Because of the top surface's self-extinguishing properties, these anti-fatigue mats can withstand a variety of severe chemicals in an industrial setting.
  • Workers are supported and comforted by the mats as they labour on the chilly, hard concrete floors.

Business Mats Anti-Fatigue Puzzle Segments

 Uses: Perfect for rougher environments like commercial shops and garages, warehouses, industrial kitchens and more where anti-fatigue runners are needed.

  • The top surfaces of these professional anti-fatigue puzzle mats have a unique texture that provides outstanding anti-skid safety.
  • You can virtually limitless lengths of heavy duty runners using these mats!

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