At Home with Mats

All homes need mats. Show us a home and we will show you all the various kinds of mats it will need and will benefit from immensely.  In this post, we will take you all over the house and show you how different types of mats serve different purposes in different areas of the house. Let’s begin at the entrance. 


We all know what entrance mats are expected to get rid of dirt, debris, and grime from shoe soles, so the inside of the house remains clean. Entrance mats offer the widest choice in terms of designs, colors, materials, shapes, and styles. It all depends on your preferences and requirements. You can choose from colorful and pretty designer doormats that come in pure coir or with a vinyl and rubber backing; rude, funny and pop culture doormats that are cheeky and bring on a chuckle; pet doormats for households with pets; recycled rubber doormats; synthetic weather beater mats that are tough and mold and mildew resistant; personalised mats where you can put a name, a message or a monogram on the mat; plain coir mats; recessed well mats and more.



Where one mat outside the door is good enough to keep the house clean, in cities that see frequent rainfall, ice and snow, people place a second mat inside the entrance. This mat is usually made from more absorbent materials such as cotton, jute or even another coir mat to soak up water, ice, and snow more effectively. They keep the interiors dry and reduce the danger of wet floors and slipping.


It goes without saying that laundry areas, bathrooms, and washrooms would need mats that work well with moisture and water since these areas tend to be wet and, hence, slippery. You need a mat here that is non-slip and water absorbent. Synthetic weather beater mats are great for the job. They absorb moisture and dry off easily. They have a better grip, so they do not slip around all that easily, preventing nasty and dangerous slips. These are also great around pool areas.


You can also use wood mats, jute rugs, and recycled rubber mats here. Inside the shower area, you can increase your safety with the Hydra Deck Modular Tiles. They are made from PVC and have a good grip even when wet. Plus, they have large drainage holes that allow water to drain out and they come in a range of vibrant colours. They are especially useful for homes with elderly people living.



Do kitchens really need mats? Well, let’s look at what cooking involves, apart from recipes, methods, and ingredients. Long hours of standing as you cut, chop, blend, and prep for cooking. Then the actual cooking–frying, baking, roasting, boiling, and broiling, which also requires you to be on your feet quite a bit. And if you are putting effort into plating, then that’s just more standing right there! So, when you cook, you are on your feet more than you realize. All this leads to foot fatigue, aching soles, and leg pain. What you need in the kitchen then is a good and comfortable anti-fatigue mat. These mats, with their cushioned construction, provide padded comfort to feet and help ease fatigue and pain. Anti-fatigue mats come in a wide range of colors as well as sizes to work with your kitchen’s unique layout.

 Anti-fatigue mats work really well in kitchens but also in any area where you will be standing for prolonged periods of time. They are grease-resistant and spills and drips–be they lard, soap, paint, or grease–can be easily washed off.


The best kind of mats you can use in the bedroom are luxurious rugs, carpets, and durries. You need something soft and comfortable on the feet in bedrooms, where we often walk around barefoot. There is a wide variety of rugs available in the market–some really designer and luxe varieties too! Let your preferences do the selecting!

In master bedrooms, where the bathroom comes attached in the room, jute rugs are great for placing outside bathroom doors. Their eco-friendly, natural-fiber stylishness will complement any rug you may have placed in the room.


Rugs make a lot of sense in children’s rooms too. However, since children are usually up to a lot of mischief, jumping, and monkeying around, you don’t want to put something expensive or easy-to-soil-but-difficult-to-clean in there. Also, it would be wise to use a shock absorbent flooring in kid’s rooms, considering all the madness that goes on behind your back and behind those closed doors. Soft floor tiles are made from PVC and are easy to clean. No matter what madness kids are up to in their rooms, the tiles are shock absorbent enough to protect them from serious injury. The tiles come in interesting colors and designs and since they are interlocking tiles they can be used to map to any floor size based on requirement.



Over the past decade, telecommuting is becoming more and more frequent as an alternative to working out of an office. It makes a lot of sense as it saves commute time, especially if the kind of work does not require you to necessarily be in office. This has made a working area within the house a necessity. It could be a spare room, the garage, a corner of the bedroom or any corner of the house where a table and chair can fit in cozily. Since almost no work table these days is complete without a laptop or a personal computer, all work stations need a desk mat. Desk mats provide a smooth surface for your mouse to function properly and also to prevent your desk surface from scratches and protect it from spills of all kinds. Additionally, if you are working out of your front room or bedroom, or even out of a room that has rough flooring, you will need a good quality, sturdy chair mat to ensure y our chair wheels glide smoothly and do not get damaged from friction.  In winter you can use heated foot warmers to keep the cold from bringing down your productivity through discomfort.



If you have a garage, it would benefit considerably from garage flooring mats. They are easy to install and safeguard your garage floor from damage and wear and tear caused by car tires. If your garage doubles up as a workshop, then you could use drainage mats that allow fluids such as grease, oils etc. to seep off and not create a slippery surface that will result in slipping and skidding.

In the cars themselves, you can place car mats on your car floor. We have a range of interesting and elegant designs that look great even as they protect the car floor. 


Basements are the most versatile places in the house. They can be used for all sorts of things. It can be a den, a carpentry room, a recreation room, a theatre for the boys to watch all their sports. You can work out there, you can work on little or large DIY projects there. Anything goes. Depending on what you use it for, you will need the right mat for it. Soft carpet tiles work great as there are greater chances of floor moisture in enclosed spaces. Tiles can be laid out and removed as and when needed to clean or dry out the floor. If you will be standing and doing carpentry, painting or craft work, then a good antifatigue mat will be handy.


Live in a house that involves the use of stairs? Well, then we’re sure there must have been at least one incident of people slipping and falling down stairs. Stair tread mats go a long way in preventing slips and falls which can prove t0 be dangerous, especially for the elderly.

Those fortunate enough to have a verdant garden will find garden pavers very useful, as they provide grip when things get a bit slippery with wet mud, as gardens so often are. Moreover, a wire brush boot scraper mat will help scrape off all the garden soil before you get it into your home.


For cities that see a lot of snowfall as well as cities that experience seasonal snow, heated mats are a very useful product. You get heated doormats as well as heated stair mats, walkways mats—all of which can be connected to create a heated system in the area leading up to your house. Heated mats melt snow and ice, preventing slips. They also help do away with shoveling.                     

Indoors, you can use heated footrests and heated floor mats that keep feet all happy and warm during winter season.          

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Apart from these, all homes have changing needs and, hence, would require different mats to handle those new needs. For instance, a baby playmat is needed when you have a new-born in the house. With time and as needs change, old mats need to be discarded and new mats need to be bought. When looking for new mats, check out before you go anywhere else. With our wide selection and categories, chances are you will find what you’re looking for without worrying about quality and cost. We have solutions and products that meet all your mat and flooring needs…in one place.