Be Inspired!

The world is already filled with more intelligence and advice than it needs or can comfortably handle. The world is now ready for some wisdom and a spoonful of inspiration.

Nothing inspires like inspiration can—not Employee of the Month, not cash incentives, not even the promise of a trip to some exotic holiday spot. We are not driven by external factors…you already knew that. The real drivers of inspiration are located somewhere deep within us. We are driven by certain things that matter only to us and when we come across these, our very own highly customized triggers, they release inspiration in us.

Now, a humble doormat may not be able to meet such high expectations. After all, there’s not much they can achieve from their fixed spot on the floor. They can, however, act as a reminder to go look for the things that will get you all excited and enthusiastic, the things that matter.

Here are a few inspiration-inspiring mats that we have picked out of our collection on

Adventure Awaits Vinyl Coir Doormat

Life is an adventure, and of course, y'all know that! Adventure awaits in the form of impromptu travel plans, out-of-the-blue weekend getaways, new friends at work, sibling madness, work projects, pet doings, the quest to find that perfect someone, challenging situations, kids and even your daily commute on the subway. Adventure Awaits Vinyl Coir Doormat encourages you to celebrate daily adventures of life. 

 Be Green Handwoven Coco Doormat

It’s totally good for you…and everyone around. Plant more trees, make lifestyle choices that will not harm nature, buy organic, buy from ecologically responsible companies and businesses. And, of course, the green mantra: Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

Adopt Don't Shop Coco Doormat

Looking to introduce some furry, four-pawed love into your family? Why shop when you can adopt? A whole lot of rescue cats and dogs are in animal shelters and rescue organizations, waiting to find their loving forever homes and adoring humans who will totally spoil them! Give them a chance to make you go "Awww!" The Adopt Don't Shop Coco Doormat sends out an important message to give rescued animals a happy ending. 

Have a Nice Day Vinyl Coir Doormat

May your coffee be perfect, may your hair behave, may your work week be light, may love fill your day, may your team win the match, may the wine be just right and the food, finger-lickin' awesome. In other words, have a really, really nice day! Have a Nice Day Coco Doormat is just the right mat when you are bursting with positive vibes and goodwill! You can find it on

 Happiness Handwoven Coco Doormat

Hey, what are you working all those long hours for? You’d say to buy a better house, a car, better lifestyle, new gadgets, exotic holidays, good food and so on. And what do these eventually give you? Yep, that’s what this mat is all about.

Let That Shit Go Olefin Doormat

Let the bad shit go. Own your life. Buddha basics for life and living on the Let That Shit Go Olefin Doormat.  

We have many other mats with messages. Or you can create your own inspirational message with our customised doormats. It's all on