Boost Your Brand Image with Custom Logo Coco Mats

First impressions matter. As customers approach your facility, the entrance to your building is the first thing they notice. This is where custom logo coco mats come in. Not only do they keep your entryway clean and professional, but they also promote your brand in a modern and contemporary way.

Logo Coco Mats: A Versatile and Popular Option

Coco logo mats are a popular choice for businesses because of their versatility. They are proven to scrape dirt and absorb moisture effectively. With the inlaid process, these mats become a prominent promotional tool for your business. In addition, coir mats are a natural product produced sustainably, perfect for presenting an eco-friendly aesthetic at the entrance.



Do you need help deciding which logo option to choose? Our selection includes both excellent printed coco mats and durable inlaid alternatives.

Long-Lasting Inlaid Coco Mat Logos

Our inlaid process involves cutting the shape of your logo from 100% solution-dyed coco mats in different colors. We then cut the same shape out of the base mat. These strips are then seamed together to create a long-lasting mat. Since the color in your logo is made from solution-dyed pieces of coco mats, they do not fade or wear off on the top layer. This ensures that your logo lasts a very long time.

We created a logo mat for Beacon Hill Show Stables in NJ, with the logo inlay work on the mat. The process involved cutting the logo from a brown base mat and inlaying the empty spaces with letters and shapes cut from a separate black mat. The result is a luxurious inlaid coco mat with a durable logo design.



Intricate Printed Coco Mat Logos

We use stencil printing to impose your logo onto our natural fiber coco mats with biodegradable vegetable dyes. Our private stencil adhering process and industrial-grade spray guns allow us to create a sharp logo with crisp lines that embeds the paint deep into the fibers. 

This option is great for low-medium traffic areas and creates striking graphics to impress visitors.

We did this custom logo coco doormat for the historic Olde Town Depot, Clinton, Mississippi. As seen, excellent logo reproductions are possible on coco mats.


Artwork Requirements

For our customers to get the best quality custom logo coco mats, we require that you upload camera-ready, high-resolution artwork. A vector format is preferred, such as .ai or .eps files. Please note that complicated artwork is subject to approval. The inlaid process does not allow for complex gradients or colors.

 Preview and Electronic Proof

Please note that the preview on our website is not your final proof. After you submit your order, we will send you an electronic proof for approval before starting production on the mats. This lets you see exactly how your custom logo coco mats will look before we produce them.

Custom logo coco mats effectively promote your brand while keeping your entrance clean and professional. Our inlaid and printed options offer high-quality and long-lasting mats that will make a lasting impression on your visitors. Contact us today to start creating your custom logo coco mats.