Can Doormats Get Rained On?

The weather is getting colder. Because the time to enjoy the outdoors is dwindling, you've taken the necessary precautions to winter-proof your patio or deck. . Through the snow, the corners of your new outdoor rug poke out. It turns out you forgot to roll it up and store it for the winter. Perhaps you're wondering if everything is lost.

It's not nearly as dramatic as it appears. Outdoor carpets are made to be outside all year and can endure the elements such as sun, rain, sleet, and snow. So, just because you forgot to store your outdoor rug this year doesn't mean you'll have to ask Santa for a new one next year.

Here's how our outdoor rugs are made to withstand even the most extreme weather.

Why Can Outdoor Rugs Be Left Outside During the Winter?

Depending on where you live, the winter weather you experience is distinct. There’s one thing that comes with winter everywhere: dampness. No matter what, to stand up to winter, an outdoor rug needs to be able to stand up to these elements. 

As a result, materials like polypropylene and polysilk are often used in outdoor carpets. They're made of synthetic materials that have been carefully designed to withstand water. Snow will not loosen the fibres, and wetness will not wear away the binding on these carpets.

Outdoor Rugs Don’t Freeze Up

Not all fibers are made the same. Winter includes a lot of weather that can be harmful to outdoor furniture and decor. The constant snowing, freezing, and thawing can cause certain rug fibers to fray and deteriorate.

Outdoor rugs from Canada Mats are made from the sort of materials that won’t. That’s because they’re manufactured from natural and synthetic fibers suited to the weather fluctuations that come during winter. 

Mold and Mildew Resistant Outdoor Rugs

When exposed to the outdoors, fibres that hold on to and absorb moisture are considerably more likely to produce mould and mildew. Wool, for example, is a lovely and soft fibre for interior carpets, but it is too moisture-sensitive to be used outside. 

Outdoor rugs are created from fabrics that do not retain moisture in this manner. This ensures that the rug lasts a long time. A rug's colours will remain opaque and its fibres will remain strong if it can efficiently wick moisture and preserve dryness.

Invest on a Winter-Proof Rug

Outdoor carpets are supposed to be functional as well as fashionable. They're not only attractive, but they're also robust, long-lasting, and moisture-resistant. While Canada Mats rugs are built to withstand the elements, you may help them last longer by storing them while not in use. Even so, it's not the end of the world—or the rug—if you forget and leave it out in the cold.