Common Wrestling Injuries (And How To Prevent Them)

Combat sports require strength, agility, technique, and discipline. But on the other hand, athletes in this field are prone to injuries. Common injuries to wrestlers are concussions and "Cauliflower Ear," also known as an auricular hematoma, a disfiguring injury caused by severe bruising of the outer ear. Knee injuries: The knee joint is often restrained, and wrestlers are susceptible to ligament sprains. Arm and shoulder injuries happen because the upper arms and shoulders are often in extreme positions during wrestling matches, and skin infections like ringworm and impetigo. After all, wrestling is also a contact sport that sometimes has skin-to-skin contact. That is why it is best to keep in mind how to be safe and prevent athletes from injuries while in these sports.

How to Prevent Injuries

Risks and injuries can be prevented and lessened during wrestling, sparring, and matches. Here are the essential things professional wrestlers need to know: 

Headgear- Wear headgear and mouthguards to help prevent head, ear, tongue, and tooth injury.



Braces and Padding- Properly fitted knee, ankle, and elbow gear can help absorb shock and minimize joint injury.



Preseason Training- Cardio and strength training will ensure an athlete is in good overall shape before the wrestling season begins. Building strength and flexibility in the quadriceps and hamstrings can help prevent knee problems and other common wrestling injuries.



Diet- Eat and Drink properly. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can help athletes sustain energy and build their immune systems. In addition, nutrition and hydration play a significant role in decreasing injuries in wrestling.



Use Wrestling Mats- Choose and use the best wrestling mats to perform and train safely and confidently. 

  • Roll-Out Combat Sports Mats- Best for Experienced to Competitive wrestlers; it is designed for competitions and sparring. These mats are quick to set up, lightweight, and easy to move and pack. With built-in antimicrobial protection, they are resistant to all types of germs and bacteria. Made from shock-absorbent EVA foam and carpeted surface, these mats provide excellent protection against impact injuries and are ideal for experienced athletes.


  • All Purpose Tumbling Mats. Suited for Beginner to Intermediate wrestlers. Perfect for beginners that are learning to fall and tumble. Constructed out of rebonded foam and designed to provide the most cushioning and impact absorption.


  • Varsity Exercise Mats. Perfect match for Beginner to Intermediate wrestlers. These folding mats offer a simple tumbling surface and are great for exercise. In addition, this martial art mat features 2' panels that help it fold accordion-style so it can be easily stored. Antibacterial and Antifungal Vinyl. Made out of heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl and 100 ILD, these tumbling mats can withstand challenging activities.

 Ultimately, wrestling is one of the most strenuous sports worldwide. Therefore, professional wrestlers must take care of themselves. Additionally, gym owners and training centers must take extra precautionary measures to have safer training and matches.