Crate and Barrel Style Doormats

Your outdoor area or doorway will have individuality thanks to a vibrant, distinctive doormat, and purchasing one is a very inexpensive enhancement. This piece of furniture also exemplifies the concept of "style meets function." You can practically brush shoe mud and grime off of their textiles since they frequently include attractive designs like nautical themes, neutral stripes, and other patterns.

Following are some of our favourite doormats available right now; their environmentally friendly components, weather-resistant textiles, and durable construction make them a shoe-in for your doorstep.


Consider this woven choice if you're looking for a neutral mat that blends with any kind of décor, from modern to rustic. It gives your porch a subtle, inconspicuous texture.

Shop Now: Getfit Standup Mat, from $33,

Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers Handwoven Coco Doormat is a throwback to the time when life was simple and wholesome and revolved around home, hearth, and mom's piping hot food in the kitchen! The cheerful colors are right out of a child's drawing book. Maybe the mat is really encouraging us to take things slow and enjoy the journey a bit? 

Shop Now: Painted Flowers Handwoven Coco Doormat, $41,

Nautical Welcome

Nautical Welcome Doormats featuring a vinyl backing use water based colors in their designs and are great for people for love for the sea. They are made from coconut coir fiber and hence they are environmentally friendly.

Shop Now: Nautical Welcome Vinyl Coir Doormat, $41,


In case once isn't enough, say it three times! Furnish your home with this simplistic coir mat! Coir fiber will trap dirt and debris from your guests' shoes before they can enter your home.

Shop Now: HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!, $63,


Double Border

Complement your unique space with this bordered welcome mat. Available in several colors, it's easy to find the hue that works best for your home.

Shop Now: Double Border Personalized Doormat, from $62,


Constructed from coconut husk, this sturdy and long-lasting covering is also a stylish accent piece, courtesy of a cute bicycle illustration.

Shop Now: Oh Hello Bicycle, $49.99,