Customized Printed Coco Mats

We’re sure you know that you can get stuff printed on a coco doormat. But did you know what all exactly? Well, you can customize coco mats with a logo, branding, line, or design of your choice. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the kind of printing you can do on coco mats.


Doormats are a great place to put your logo or company name. Placed outside the office, storefront, hotel, restaurant, showroom, and other business premises, they give a professional look at the entrance. Logo mats also help build recall as people walk in and out and also walk past the entrance.

We made this custom logo mat for Ausable Club, St. Huberts, New York. Clean sharp printing done on a high quality coco mat can create such a good impression outside your business premise.


Apart from logos and names, you can add any other branding on cocomatsnmore. Social media information, locations, email address, website–these are just some of the things that companies can put on mats. Doormats can work as perfect marketing material as a lot of people pass by and can see any message or text on the mat. Also, mats sit outside your premises and displaying a message or branding on mats does not cost any extra money for renting space…the way hoardings would!

This doormat was made by for the historic Olde Town Depot, Clinton, Mississippi. We can get your remarkably sharp printing for your branding–even for smaller fonts used in the image.


Got some instructions such as directions to a section, precautions about the products, or a witty reminder about purchases? Doormats are a great way to display them too.

Some instructions can save you a lot of trouble. Like this one, used outside a restaurant.


So yeah, sometimes the mats on a site may be close but not exactly, precisely what you are looking for. If you have a very specific design in mind or have seen a design that you just have to have on the doormat at your entrance, then you can get it printed on a coco doormat. It’s as simple as sending in your design and working out the correct size of mat to print it on for best effect. Being unique made easy!

Our client Lisa wanted a unique mat. She wanted the sun printed on her doormat. She sent us this sun image that she really liked, and we put it on a mat for her!


No design but definitely a saucy, funny, motivational or sassy line? That can be done too. Catchphrases, terms, games names, jargon, movie names, slogans and everything else in between can quite easily be printed on a doormat for you. 

What else can you think of that can be printed on a doormat? Let us know!