Doormats That Love Cats

Last week, we did a post about mats for dog lovers. Immediately after posting it, however, a thought clawed its way into our minds: what about the cats? We could see visions of miffed cats speaking in hissy voices of a dog bias. We’d like to reassure our feline friends that we love everyone equally. To prove it, here’s a post about our range of mats for those among you who are owned by cats.

A cat is a different creature from the creature a dog is. Where dogs have all the sweaty and over-the-top enthusiasm of an entire fan club rolled into one person, cats are filled with secret worlds and mysterious spots that are off limits to outsiders. A dog says, “I am wildly happy to be here…can’t think straight…please feel free to take control of the situation.” A cat, on the other hand, can steadily stare at you till you are forced to look away abashedly, proving once and for all who is really in charge.

Our collection of cat lover mats will allow you to show your cat-love off to all who step up to your door.

Not a Joke - The Cat 

We all know cats are mysterious, as in we simply do not know what is happening behind that cold stare. They could just be humouring you with their attention. Or...they could be plotting your kidnapping and wondering exactly how big a price your family would pay to get you back...or would they pay all. Sigh! It's a tough life for cats who are merely trying to put meat on the table.


We Decorate with Cats Doormat

Cats are gorgeous creatures—languid, fluid, graceful and sure-footed. Their slanted green and golden eyes, their perfect noses, their shiny coats are all such pleasing features as they lie around your house, creating perfect portraits of repose.

Cat Day 751 Olefin Doormat

If your cat kept a diary, you would never, ever know about it. So this doormat is, basically, the closest you’ll ever come to knowing what kind of stuff she would scribble in it.

Visitors Approved by Cat Doormat

So, yes, the cat does take its status as owner pretty seriously. What’s that? You’re the owner, you say? Yep, sure. (Giggle giggle…snicker snicker)


These mats also make great gifts for friends and families who own cats. We have a wide selection of doormats and matting solutions for homes. Check them out on