Doormats with a Geometric Angle

A square can be full of triangles. A triangle is always half of a square. If these are the kind of things you thought of in your day-dreaming time in class, guess you are a geometry fan? And we’re saying it’s a good thing, because for most of us, geometry and its evil sibling trigonometry visited us only in nightmares…mainly before exams.

Well, whether or not we were fans of the subject in school, geometrical shapes have gone on to win us all over in art, fashion, design, and interiors. Not ones to be left behind, doormats too sport geometric designs and vie for some of that geometry-loving attention. Check these doormats from our collection.

Rhombi Vinyl Coir Doormat

Pure black and white design elegance, this doormat borrows the rhombus shape from geometry to create a statement at your entrance.

Summer Geometric Doormat

Ah! You are wondering why summer has been dragged into this doormat. Simply because it has all the cool colours of all things summer–sea blue, fresh lime green, a sliver of beach gold.


Ring Formation Doormat

The tessellated pattern on this doormat flows fluidly from circle to a four-petal flower, from flower in the centre of a square to a cross at the centre of the circle.


Triangles Doormat

This could be many Egyptian pyramids lined up, row upon row. Or then maybe you see martini glasses standing atop each other?


Kaleidoscope Handwoven Coco Doormat

Playful, vividly colorful, and so very pretty! The Kaleidoscope Handwoven Coco Doormat captures the view from a kaleidoscope and creates a lovely decor item out of it. Note the triangles.


Colour Triangles Vinyl Coir Doormat

Do you see Toblerone bars? This doormat is a mouth-watering splash on your doorstep.


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