Entrance Mats Are Simply A Smart Business Decision

You have a lot on your plate every day if you are the owner or manager of your company. You probably don't put floor mats for your entryways high on your list of priorities, but we think you should. Entrance mats are simply a smart business decision for the following five reasons:

  1. communication exposure Every time a customer walks through your doors, custom floor mats for entryways put your logo or message in front of them. Furthermore, research have revealed that 64% of retail consumers pause and pay attention to what is on the floor mats just beneath their feet. Your message being there can have a significant impact.
  2. enhance sales. With less expense than other marketing or advertising initiatives, that additional exposure can have a significant impact on your company's revenues in addition to helping you gain more name recognition. For promotional floor mats, the average cost per impression is 1/100 of a cent. Utilizing personalised floor mats increases sales by an average of 13% for retail businesses!
  3. less costly than renting. Some company owners believe that hiring generic floor mats is a more affordable option than buying their own. In actuality, a company that decided to buy five floor mats would spend, on average, $620 less than a company that decided to rent five floor mats. 
  4. tidy floors. Custom entry mats from PromoMatting assist maintain your business aesthetically pleasing and clean while fostering a great first impression for all visitors. Your company's floors and carpets will stay clean and free of dirt, debris, and water if you place your personalised mats at each entrance. This not only keeps your company cleaner, but it also generates tangible, quantifiable cost savings. Amazingly, it costs an average of $750 to remove one pound of dirt from a retail or commercial structure!
  5. Boost security. Okay, so picking PromoMatting entry mats for safety purposes isn't the most thrilling decision, but it's still critical. Our personalised mats lessen the possibility that a client or employee will sustain an injury from slipping and falling on your flooring. The possibilities for savings and risk reduction are enormous. One million people are hospitalised each year due to slip and fall incidents, and these incidents account for 85% of workers' compensation claims. By getting personalised entry mats from PromoMatting, you may lower your responsibility.

You're only a few steps away from discovering your own personal design and style possibilities for your personalised entry mats. To find out more about all of the possibilities for your new floor mats, visit our website.