Everything Berber

Berber mats are among the most well-liked floor coverings that Canada Mats sells. But what are Berber carpets, and why are they preferred by so many establishments and structures?

What Is Berber?

The term "Berber" typically refers to carpet or matting that is woven with a characteristic loop pile that binds to the backing and remains uncut and is normally light in colour with specks of darker hues (typically brown or grey). Because they were influenced by the weaving style of the Berber people of North Africa, they are known as Berber mats.

Any Berber mat can be identified by the surface's distinctive features. If you look closely, you will see a characteristic high-low texture made of tightly woven polypropylene yarn that is both compression resistant and high density.


Why Are Berber Mats So Popular?

In addition to performing superbly in both outdoor and indoor situations, Berber carpets and tiles are also offered in a wide variety of striking colour schemes. Because of this, Berber mats and tiles are among the best-looking and most useful products on the market. Berber mats are utilised in a wide range of commercial structures, including everything from five-star hotels to shipping operations.

Winter is a perfect time to use berber mats since they are excellent at removing messes from the bottoms of customers' and employees' shoes. The following advantages come from preventing dirt, trash, water, snow, and ice from being tracked throughout your company:


  • Your floors are protected from harm brought on by water and debris.
  • Your staff won't have to spend time and energy cleaning up the mess.
  • It improves the appearance of your company. Compared to a dirty workplace, a clean one appears more serious and professional.
  • Your company is safer thanks to it. Wet, slippery flooring pose a serious risk to both customers and personnel.

No product line has ever outsold our Berber Supreme range in the lengthy history of our organisation. The Entrance Floor Mats, Recessed Floor Mats, and Emblem Mats of the Berber Series allow you to brand and customise the matting surface with your company's logo or insignia.