Everything You Need to Know about Coco Mats

Coco, coconut fiber, or coir doormats are the most commonly used doormats around the world and no one is really surprised by that! They are elegant in an organic and eco-stylish way. They are reasonably priced and last long, giving you value for your money. And they are natural fiber products, hence eco-friendly and harmless to health.

Though coco mats are generally resilient and sturdy, the right care and maintenance will help them last longer and continue looking great at your doorstep. We have put together some tips and pointers to help you take better care of your mat. If you own a coco mat or are about to purchase one, these will prove to be helpful.

1. Never wash coco mats with water. This can damage coir fibers and invite mold and mildew. Instead, simply vacuum, dust with a brush, or beat with a broom to get rid of dust. Use a soft bristles brush on the surface to gently clean out surface mud, dirt and dust.

     2. Coco mats are perfect for places that enjoy enough sunshine and maybe some rain. If you live in a city that sees a lot of rain or snowfall, then you should consider synthetic mats or recycled rubber mats. These mats can handle wet weather conditions better.

    3. Coco mats will shed a lot of fibers initially for upto 2 months. It’s most natural because the mat is hand made, and loose fibers will come off with initial use. You can use a brush to get them off sooner. Once the loose fibers are off, the rest of the fibers will remain tightly woven and in place. You can expect the usual minimal amount of shedding that comes with wear and tear but not to the extent you see initially.

    4. The dyes we use for printing are eco-friendly and will last long. This means your print will not fade any time soon. However, in the case of a rare exception, please contact us and we will help you out.

    5. Coco mats have been sustainably made from coconut fiber. This makes them eco-friendly, green products that you will be happy to own. With climate change and environmental conservation becoming such hot topics, these mats put you on the right side of the climate conversation.

    6. We stock a wide range of ready-printed mats on our website. However, did you know that we also give you the choice to personalize a mat with a line of your choice? No? Here, try it:  https://www.cocomatsnmore.com/plain-personalized-doormats.html

    7. It’s better to keep coco mats in shaded areas. While we use only high quality and eco-friendly dyes, sunlight tends to fade out colors! Exercise this precaution only for printed mats though. If you are using plain coco mats then you need not worry about a thing!

    8. Coir is an excellent bootscraper that efficiently gets rid of dirt, debris, mud, and moisture from shoe soles. This helps keep the house clean. If you live in muddy places or simply want to take extra cleanliness measures, use the wire brush boot scraper mat. It has been specially created to tackle the most obstinate dirt.

    9. We stock 2 basic types of coco mats: handmade pure coco mats and vinyl backed coco mats. Pure coco mats are thick and look rich and luxuriant. Vinyl back mats offer non-skid safety, great when you have a bunch of naughty and active kids running around in and out of the house.

    10. We can make mats of larger or smaller than the standard sizes! We use vinyl backed coco rolls to cut non-standard size mats from. Customize the size of the mats when you have unusual doorway designs or sizes, have recessed wells in your house, or want a different size mat based on a decor idea.

    11. Custom cut coco mats are a great choice for recessed wells, as they can be cut to suit specific sizes.

    12. Plain coco mats are excellent for DIY mat projects! Use paints, sharpies, dyes, and inks to get some fantastic results and a completely unique doormat!

    13. Designer, floral , nautical doormats are a good gift option, especially for housewarming parties. If you know a person well, you can customize a mat to gift him or her! In fact follow that link and try it or get in touch with our customer service to explore possibilities.

    14. When cleaning out your doormat, do not forget to wipe the floor underneath it.

    15. You can personalize coco mats with a name or a monogram, with your geolocation, address or names of family members.

    Hope these tips were helpful and will help you purchase the right mat as well as take good care of the coco mat you purchase!