Feature Designer of the Week: Evelyn Fichmann

Meet Evelyn Fichmann, Coco Mats N More collaborator and artist. She is an Interior designer, children's book author & illustrator. Born and raised in Brazil, now a Canadian based for almost 12 years.

Coco Mat Designs

Evelyn's inspiration for her designs comes from her experiences in life. Her collection translates to her aesthetic visions. Her mat designs are more bohemian and eclectic, with shades of earth-tone colors — a mixture of organic elements and nature. Printed patterns of greens and sienna made an extraordinary work of art in one coco mat.

Vertical Plethora

Art, home decor, and the comfort of your home — now you can have all three! Featuring a modern boho design, this doormat will make visitors pause as they approach your front door.


Boho Arrows

If you love earth-tone palettes as much as we do, this is the perfect coco doormat for your space. The earthy shades of brown and red and the cottage feel of the design will fit right into your home.



Spirit Emblem

We hope your days go by light and smoothly like the feathers of this gorgeous coco doormat as soon as you step out of your door! 



Ocean Wide

Discover the secrets from under the water with this nature-inspired doormat. Seamlessly printed with wave details, this doormat will make your guests daydream about our oceans and coral reefs. Pair it with other items decorating your home, or give this one as a gift.

The Dream Catcher 

Artistically greet your guests with this coco doormat! Perfect for someone who loves to have their visitors leave a remarkable impression, this is also an excellent gift for home decor and an ideal present for someone you love.

Imperial Garden

Are you looking for the perfect welcome mat that will turn visitors into temporary art lovers? Then you're in luck! Introducing Imperial Garden, a doormat crafted with unique and exquisite patterns.



Spring Divide

Do you need a fun and functional doormat that would brighten up your entrance and make days more cheerful? Then, look no further! This is the perfect coco doormat for you.


Eclectic Nature

This beautifully designed coco doormat will bring your home or business to life. The rich tones and details make this mat a work of art. This exclusive design will make the entrance into your home a real celebration.

Evelyn has done an excellent job in showing these coco mats as beautiful home decorations. She had made it easier for everyone who walked into their homes to promote cultures and arts through her design; these doormats are more than just making a statement. She puts a lot of effort and cares into ensuring she can bring out her creativity through her doormat designs.