Feature Designer of the Week: Falon Brianne Clayton

Falon Brianne Clayton is a wife, mom, artist, REALTOR®, content creator, illustrator, and writer based in sunny Southern California.

As an artist, Falon has had a passion for art since she can remember. Growing up as a child, seeing both her parents with a paintbrush was just a typical day at home. Now living in coastal Southern California, Falon is inspired by the ocean; through abstract expressionism, her work provokes a coastal bohemian feel using her creative use of mixed mediums. Unique and inspirational, she specializes in charcoal portraits and is a professional illustrator, graphic, and web designer with an ever-growing portfolio.



Coco Mats Designs

The ocean inspires her through abstract expressionism. Falon's artworks focus on spontaneity and personal expression. She depicts a bohemian sea feel in her designs. Her mat designs are showcased in warm earth colors featuring sceneries, urban, and nature feels.

Pretty Chaos

Pretty Chaos stood out among the other designs. It's a creative and clever design which captures the chaotic nature of the world around us. The way Falon designed elements to combine makes it easy to look at this coco mat. In addition, she created an image which is aesthetically pleasing and functional.



Desert Escape

The Desert Escape is the perfect doorstep addition to your instant getaway. Viewing this design, everyone will feel as if they have already escaped the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It includes a variety of shapes, including plants, the sun, and the warm colors of the desert!



Pool Days

Pool day lovers are more than welcome in this house! Greet your guests, family, and friends with the refreshing coco doormat. This design reminds us of chill summer days, the round swim floaters representing the cool water splashes that tempt us to swim and enjoy the water.



Arizona Sunset

If you love the sunsets of Arizona, this coco mat is perfect for you! The design features the beautiful Saguaro Cactus and the hot dune vibes. This doormat will surely be a gorgeous and unique addition to your home.



New Port Days

The New Port Days remind us of the good old days with yachts and city buildings smashed together in an urban/nature setting. This designer mat would look great placed next to a beautiful wooden door outside or even inside if combined with wood. It's a nice little piece of art to start your day on the right foot!



Through her designs and creative ideas, Falon can bring out boldness and happiness through her works of art. Moreover, her expression of combining urban and nature is exemplary! A mat that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but a functional piece that keeps every entryway clean and safe. 

To get to know more about Falon and her craft, you can follow her through these social media platforms and website: