Firmness and Stability at Your Doorstep: Explore HD Custom Cut Coco Mats

Custom-Sized High-Density Vinyl Backed Coco Mats are the perfect blend of eco-friendliness and durability. These mats combine the natural beauty of coconut husk fibers with the firmness of synthetic fibers, giving you an environmentally conscious and visually stunning product.

Enhanced Performance and Luxurious Appearance 

HD Custom Cut Coir Mats offer superior performance capabilities and a more luxurious look than traditional coco mats. We believe that functionality should mean something other than sacrificing elegance at your entrance. 


Enhanced Wheelchair Accessibility 

One of the standout features of our HD coco mats is their enhanced wheelchair accessibility. Unlike regular-grade coco mats, our mats have a firmer surface that allows wheeled objects to glide smoothly without digging into the fibers. These mats have an additional 50% fiber in the same square footage to increase stability and allow easy access for wheeled traffic. Perfect for wheelchairs and carts coming into your building. This improvement ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for all users. 



Firmness and Stability 

Thanks to the high density of coconut husk fibers and a special fiberglass scrim embedded backing, our HD coco mats offer a firmer and more stable surface. This unique combination results in a mat that maintains its shape and integrity, even with heavy use. You can rely on our mats to withstand the test of time. 



Eco-Friendly and Sustainable 

At Coco Mats N More, we prioritize sustainability. Our High-Density Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats are made from coconut husk fibers, a renewable and eco-friendly by-product derived sustainably from the coconut harvesting industry. By choosing our mats, you positively impact the environment while enjoying a high-quality product.



Versatile Usage and Customization 

Customized Sized High-Density Vinyl Backed Coco Mats are perfect for various applications. They are ideal for covered building entrances, creating a rich aesthetic that welcomes visitors with style. Whether you need mats for an apartment building, hotel lobby, office, storefront, or high-end entrance, HD coco mats are designed to meet your requirements. Customization is key, which is why we offer the option to customize the size of your coco mats. Provide us with the desired dimensions, and we will deliver mats that fit perfectly in your space. 




Experience the Difference Today!

Elevate your entrance with our Customized, Sized High-Density Vinyl Backed Coco Mats. Visit our Coco Mats N More website to learn more about our product and place your order. Discover the perfect balance of style, durability, and eco-friendliness with our HD coco mats.