Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Mats

What use do floor mats have in a business environment?

Commercial matting provides a number of vital purposes. For instance, entrance mats are placed along the floor spaces near a building's entrance and departure points. The shoes of people entering and leaving the facility are cleaned off by these mats of dirt, dampness, and other debris. There are several different textures of entrance mats that work well to trap dirt and debris beneath the surface of the mat, making walkways secure for guests. There are also recessed mats and grills available for locations with high traffic, such airports.

Although Anti-Fatigue Mats also prevent the buildup of filth and dampness, these items have a unique design that reduces stress on the muscles. These mats are employed in a number of business environments where staff members stand for prolonged periods of time and require additional comfort.

My floor is my favourite colour and texture. Why do I need to cover it?

Utilizing floor mats is the best way to reduce your risk of responsibility. It's possible for you to be held accountable for people hurt while on your property as a landowner or facility manager. Visit our article on restricting responsibility for slip and fall accidents to learn more.

Additionally, floor mats are a fantastic way to advertise your brand to guests! Businesses can quickly upload their corporate logo, tagline, or emblem to easily create professional floor mats that are totally customised by ordering Logo Mats online. Our personalised Logo Mats come in rubber, carpet, and vinyl surfaces and are expertly printed!


Do floor mats require maintenance or regular cleaning?

Yes, industrial floor mats need to be cleaned frequently. Consider matting as a sponge: As the sponge soaks up water, it expands and loses its capacity to absorb more. Similar to how floor mats lose their capacity to remove and hold onto dirt, moisture, and other particles with time. Depending on how much use they get, your floor mats need to be cleaned every one to three weeks.

Some mats are simple to clean. For example, using a water hose or a broom, tyre link door mats and vinyl link door mats are simple to clean. Other Rubber Mats can be cleaned just as easily with a brush or water hose (please see individual products for cleaning specifications).

How can I prevent floor mats from sliding?

The backing of floor mats often holds them in place. The rough substance on the underside of   the floor mat is referred to as the backing. Many of our floor mats are offered with either a Smooth or Gripper backing.

Floor mats should have a Smooth Backing if they are going to be placed on a firm, smooth surface. The mat will remain firmly in place because of the friction created by the Smooth Backing lying flush against hard surfaces.

However, mats intended for carpeting should have a Gripper Backing. The hundreds of microscopic "kleets" in Gripper Backing will pierce the carpet's surface and secure the mat in place.