Garage Mats Are The Workhorses Under Your Wheels

Not being a professional grease monkey does not preclude you from wanting a secure, spotless, and appealing garage. That can be more easily said than done in a place where the floor frequently has oil, antifreeze, salt, or battery acid leaking on it.

You routinely bring a lot of hazardous materials into your garage, whether you operate there for a long time or merely drive in and out frequently. Puddles of oil or other liquids not only pose a risk for slips and falls but also permanently discolour and damage concrete or other surfaces. The drastic temperature variations from season to season, parking heavy machinery and automobiles, sliding around boxes and other goods, and other factors can potentially harm your garage floor.

By using mats specifically made to match the needs of garage flooring, these issues can be solved and you can keep your garage looking as wonderful as your car.

One benefit of the garage floor mats we provide at Canada Mats is their simplicity of installation and upkeep. Every one of our garage mats:


  • Reduces noise, insulates the floor, and helps prevent concrete deterioration
  • possess a flexible 100% polyvinyl construction that is proven to be stable.
  • are created with clean-up-friendly materials.
  • can tolerate constant and strong traffic from vehicles


Our roll-out garage flooring and garage matting are simple to install and require little setup. Before installation, debris can be removed with a thorough sweeping. Cleaning requires only a simple water rinse or broom sweep for maintenance.

Canada Peel & Stick Garage Tiles from Mats are a great way to update any workshop, vehicle garage, or work area. These Peel & Stick Garage tiles are a favourite among mechanics, auto enthusiasts, and racing aficionados. Diamond Tread Tiles' non-porous surface, which is easy to install and custom-fitted, gives better grip and protection to your garage floor while sealing flooring surfaces.

At Canada Mats, we take great pride in providing the best industrial mats and floor covering products available, including durable garage mats. Our products are made to be functional, long-lasting, and safe in a variety of settings.