Go Green!

So, you have decided to go green…with your interiors, at least. It may not be exactly what your environmentalist friends had in mind, but hey, it’s a start. Green is a rich, luxurious colour, which, when used well, can be quite chic. Think Jade and Emerald artifacts, rich green tropical décor, pale green patina on your roof, green and gold Chinese vases, thick juicy-leaved potted plants and rich deep green Persian carpets. Yes, green most definitely has the potential to be very elegant and exotic in the hands of a discerning lifestyler.

If you have got your mind fixed on green, then do not let the space outside your door jar with your interiors. We have a selection of lovely green mats that will go well with any green decor intentions you may have.

Breezy Vinyl Coir Doormat


The Breezy Vinyl Coir Doormat captures the dance of flowers in the breeze. The refreshing design, with three white and blue blossoms on a green background, pretty much bring the open air freshness of nature to your entrance. The vinyl backing gives grip.


Confetti Vinyl Coir Doormat

Welcome guests with confetti? Check. The Confetti Coco Doormat makes guests feel like they're not only welcome but that little concealed confetti blasters have gone off the minute they walked up your driveway! 

Color Triangles Vinyl Coir Doormat

What can we say.. we love us some triangles. The Color Triangles Vinyl Coir Doormat is designed with a simple geometric pattern that shows off triangles in greens, lavender, blue, and yellow.

Folk Flowers Vinyl Coir Doormat

A little bit of folk art to pep up your doorstep. The Folk Flowers Vinyl Coir Doormat has a soothing green print that borrows from American folk art traditions and has a cosy warmth that is such a pleasant welcome to all who drop by.  

Green Tropics Handwoven Coco Doormat

Convert your porch into a lush tropical zone with plenty of potted plants and the Green Tropics Handwoven Coco Doormat. It's on Cocomatsnmore. Link in bio.

Dragonfly Handwoven Coco Doormat

If you take time out to observe the humble dragonfly, you will find that it is quite a beautiful creature. Its multi-coloured gossamer wings may as well be made from delicate Tussar silk and its shiny body dazzles when it catches sunlight. A graphic rendition of this lovely thing can be found on the Dragonfly Handwoven Coco Doormat.

Looking Sharp Vinyl Coir Doormat

This sharp doormat knows that a lil bit of clever word play and flattery works like a charm! On second thoughts, if you do have a lot of cacti at home and love them, then this Looking Sharp Coco Doormat is literally a fan mat!


One Daisy on Green

The eternal freshness of a daisy on green has been captured by this mat for posterity. 

There are other mats, some with more green, some with less. Check them out on www.cocomatsnmore.com