Horse Stall Mats that care for your Horses

Far from being some charming medieval relics, horses are still being used across the world even today. And we don’t mean just equestrian sports and horse racing, though they are also part of the list.

Therapy Horses

People with cognitive, physical, and emotional disabilities benefit hugely from therapeutic riding. For them, horse riding is similar to the act of walking and helps muscle development and balance.

Ranch Horses

Horses are used for ranch work and for travel through rugged terrain where it is either difficult or impossible to use vehicles. 

Dude Ranches

These ranches are purely for recreational purposes and aim to provide a Western life experience. And any reference or experience of Western living is impossible without horses.

Police Horses

In some parts of the world, horses are used by the policemen for controlling crowds and in rescue operations. 

Pack Horses

Horses are used to carry supplies as pack animals in rugged areas, especially in the American West. In the most challenging terrains, horses along with mules and donkeys are more surefooted and a better bet. 

Equestrian Sports

Showjumping, Polo, Rodeo, Dressage, Endurance, Reigning…just some of the equestrian sports that involve horses. These involve competing and sometimes just training to display skills and discipline.

Horse Racing

Thoroughbreds are nurtured, trained, and entered into races to compete with other horses. There is usually betting involved and these horses are in it for trophies and prizes. 

Leisure and Pleasure

Horses are used on trails and for horse riding as a hobby.

Irrespective of what area horses are a part of, they need to be taken care of—fed the right diet, trained, groomed, exercised, and kept safe and comfortable. As a horse owner, you probably know the details and intricacies of horse care better than we do. What we would like to draw your attention to is the importance of good flooring for the safety and comfort of horses that would keep them healthy and help them perform better.

Why are horse mats important?

Though all of a horse’s activities and training are performed outdoors either in fields, pastures, or training courses, they do retire back to their barns, stables, stalls, or trailers at the end of the day. This is the time they relax and regain strength for the next day’s work. It’s important that the time they spend resting in their dwellings is a comfortable one.

Most horse dwellings will either have a dirt floor, a non-porous concrete flooring, or a wood flooring for equine use. While they may have their uses, they are not optimal for horses.

Though dirt barn floors are soft, they are uneven and can get too cold during winters and damp during summers. Moreover, it’s difficult to completely clean off urine and faeces from dirt floors, which creates an unhygienic space. Uncleaned urine and faeces give rise to bacteria that can cause respiratory problems in horses. Concrete floors fare a lot better on the cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene factors but are hard, unyielding surfaces that are not the most comfortable for a horse. Wooden floors are warm and comfortable and non-slip when they are dry. However, with water and urine splashes they get slippery and are susceptible to rot. They retain odours and can be damaged when the horse paws.

Horse mats provide a comfortable, safe, and hygienic flooring solution for horses in their barns, stables, stalls or trailers.

  • Since they are made from recycled rubber, they are soft and shock absorbent and keep hooves and feet comfortable.
  • They are easy to install—just lay them out on the existing floor.
  • They are made from rubber that is washable. Water, faeces and urine can be quickly washed off, keeping the dwelling clean and hygienic.
  • They have holes in them that allows water and urine to roll off the surface onto the floor beneath even before the mats are taken out to be washed.
  • They are hardy, durable and are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.
  • They can stand up to any weather condition and can be used indoors and outdoors.

There are mats available for stalls, aisles, and wash bays as well as for trailers when you transport horses. Here are some horse mats that we offer on Mat Supplier:

Horse Van Mats

Horse van ramps are perhaps the most unfamiliar surfaces for horses. They are sloped, do not offer much traction, and could cause slipping. Horses are most vulnerable and out of their depth on them. Horse Van Mats are great to cover horse van ramps. Made from coir, these mats feel similar to turf, which a horse would find familiar underfoot. With a 1.5” padding, they are soft and provide adequate traction, so the horse does not slip or skid.

Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats

Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats provide both horses and handlers with a safe and smooth transition from the trailer to the ground. Made from sturdy and durable rubber, they are strong under the weight of large animals such as horses. They also provide the crucial traction that is needed to both animals and handlers to prevent slip-and-fall injuries. 

Eco-Friendly Rubber Stall Mats

Made from 100% recycled rubber, these stall mats are strong and resilient. They are softer and offer superior cushioning that maximises comfort. Since they are softer, they also offer better traction and non-slip safety than vulcanized mats.

These mats are manufactured using an environmentally, safe polymer bonding agent on a continuous press. The mats do not carry the offensive sulphur or rotten eggs odor that vulcanized mats do and have a 15 Year Limited Warranty.

**Only the 3/4" horse mats are warranted for horse stalls and the 1/2" thick horse mats are warranted for trailer flooring, barn aisles or in stalls exclusively for miniature horses.**

Vulcanised Rubber Horse Stall Mats – Interlocking Kits

Interlocking Horse Stall Mats are made of vulcanized rubber. They are firm but do not compromise on softness and comfort. These mats are made from recycled rubber that is re-vulcanized as against urethane bonding. This makes the mats tough and tear-resistant. The addition of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents during the manufacturing process makes these mat antibacterial…so important to help prevent infections in horses. The rubber floor kits are 3/4" thick.

Re-vulcanized Rubber Stall Mats – Straight Edge

Re-vulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats are made from recycled rubber tires and are free of contaminants. The re-vulcanizing process results in sturdy, resilient rubber mats that do not curl, buckle, or roll, which helps prevent tripping and discomfort to horse hooves. The mats can be used for wash bays, stalls, aisle ways, side walls, walker floors, ramps, trailers and more.  

Bulk Re-Vulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats – Straight Edge

Made from 100% recycled rubber, these mats are free from contaminants and use an environmentally friendly polymer bonding on a continuous press. Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats provide a padded and supportive flooring in cow and horse stalls. The product comes in a pack of 10 durable and waterproof mats that are low maintenance and rated for industrial farming use.

Red Barn Classic Horse Stall Mats

The main benefits that Red Barn Classic Horse Stall Mats aim to provide are traction, comfort, and odor management, and these mats have been specially engineered for superior performance in these areas. Made from 100% recycled rubber, the mats have the heritage flat surface on the top and bottom, making the mats non-absorbent and longer lasting.

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