How Big Should Your Doormat Be?

Deciding how big your doormat should be can be a hard task. Whether the mat should take up the entire door space or be a bit smaller is up to you but we’ve done our own research in to it.

Typically, a doormat should be at least 80% percent of the width of your door. Considering that the average front door will be around three feet wide, this means your doormat should be at least 30 inches across.

Lets cover all things related to doormat sizes and what you may want or not want to consider when decorating your front entryway. We’re here to help!

What Is The Average Size Doormat?

A doormat will usually measure 18 x 30 inches. Of course, these dimensions work best for a standard-sized single door, while a mat measuring 22 x 36 inches will be better for larger-style entrances.

As mentioned, you want to make sure the doormat you select covers around 80% of your door's width.

How Do You Pick A Doormat Size?

Most times, you want to choose a doormat that will fit your door and entrance. Having a big enough mat is essential, especially for anyone working with a double door design.

Even for smaller front doors, choosing a doormat that will be almost as wide as the door or wider will help create a cohesive look for your home. Again, as long as your mat's width is 80% of the door's width, it should look fine, so no need to worry.

What Size Doormat For A Double Door?

Considering the average single door will be three feet wide, double doors should be around six. That means your doormat will need to measure at least 5 feet wide to look appropriate.

With that said, a doormat that's 5 feet wide will look the best with double doors, and it will give two people enough room to wipe their feet.

As long as you follow our recommendation above, there shouldn't be any need to purchase two separate mats for your double doors.

Again, that's not to say you can't try this if you prefer, but from a cost standpoint, choosing a mat that's 5 feet wide will be cheaper than getting multiple smaller ones.

Wrap It All Up

Whether you have multiple doormats or haven't ever thought to buy one, getting the size right is essential. A doormat should be 80% as wide as the door or even bigger, so try to find one that fits your entire entryway.

Choosing a doormat that won't fall apart after a few months is also important, so we recommend something synthetic and water/UV resistant.

You can also try adding a second mat inside your front door to pick up any dirt and debris your outdoor doormat didn't catch. In addition, you can layer a rug underneath to add some charm to your entrance.

Regardless, try to choose a big enough doormat for your front door, and don't be afraid to get a couple for the other entrances in your house.