How to Choose the Best Safety Mats: A Complete Guide


You've found the ideal place if you're looking for industrial mats! Since the staff at Canada Mats has been offering these goods for more than 20 years, you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with what you need. Knowing exactly where you will use the matting will help you choose the best alternative for your needs since our safety mats may be utilized for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Workbenches
    Standing at a workbench all day can have a negative impact on our bodies, causing everything from fatigue to serious health problems. An anti-fatigue mat placed on the floor can aid in boosting employee productivity, encouraging proper posture, preventing joint stiffness, lessening headache frequency, consuming less energy, lessening lower back pain, and more!
  • Sorting & Packing
    The sorting and packing department of an industrial job frequently requires workers to spend a significant portion of the day on their feet. Considering how taxing this type of job already is on the body, it is imperative to minimize wear. Anti-fatigue safety mats relieve foot pressure with their cushioned rubber surface.
  • Welding
    Risks and hazards associated with welding include floor damage and fires started by sparks. You may stop these risks from getting out of hand by using industrial mats that have been created expressly for these uses. In addition to easing leg stress, they are resistant to welding sparks, grease, oil, and chemicals.
  • Assembly Lines
    While many assembly lines now permit workers to sit while they work, some still use the older setup, which has workers standing up. The use of suitable safety matting will not only boost output, but it will also help avoid many of the health problems linked to standing for extended periods of time, as we've already mentioned.
  • Spray Booths
    A spray booth's biggest concern is the possibility of sliding in the liquid being applied. Slipping should always be avoided because it might result in significant damage under the incorrect conditions. Industrial non-slip mats are ideal in these circumstances since they either absorb the liquid or let it pass through.
  • Machinery
    Let's face it, industrial machinery has a reputation for being disorganized. There are many different liquids that could be leaking from the equipment, ranging from oil and grease to a wide variety of fuels and chemicals. For the workers' safety in these regions, safety mats that are impervious to harmful substances and have a non-slip surface are essential.

There are numerous benefits to selecting Canada Mats as your industrial safety mats supplier. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best products available (plus warm and helpful after-sales service), we provide onsite inspections and installation to ensure that the mat is perfectly suited to your needs, we provide a quick and efficient delivery service, and we also specialize in custom-made products.