How to Decorate Your Porch for the Holiday Season

Get in the holiday spirit with these tips and unique decorations that will turn your front porch into an instant holiday showstopper.

Add Personalized Doormats!

Make sure your guests and family feel welcome to your holiday home this season by putting their names on the mat. A personalized doormat is a thoughtful gesture and a great way to add a festive flair to your entryway. Perfect for those far from home during the holidays, with a custom mat, you can ensure they will feel at home while they visit.


Bring out the fancy throw blankets!

Give your front porch a festive feel with throw blankets in lively colors and patterns. Use rich colors and metallic touches in gold and silver, green, and applied patterns like plaid, a trend this year, 2022. Pull one over the back of your favorite chair, or have several handy as seating for guests! 


Wreath, Berries, and Pinecones!

Evergreen wreaths with berries and pinecones are traditional holiday favorites. This classic piece will bring beauty and warmth to your home and add a touch of tradition to your festivities.


Light it up!

This holiday season, why not decorate your home with lights? Hang them around windows and doors to light up the night. It will make your home look fabulous! Use LED and Incandescent Christmas Lights, Mini String Lights, Wide-Angle LED Mini Lights, Animated and Color-Changing Lights, and Christmas Light Show Projectors, which are trending this year.


Accentuate with Garlands!

Accentuate your door, gate or mailbox with a seasonal garland. They're fast, easy and inexpensive to make — and you can use recycled items like twigs, evergreen branches or pinecones to create one from scratch.


This holiday season, take the time to enjoy your front porch. Don't quit halfway through or worry that you're making too much of a mess. Instead, stretch the boundaries of your creativity this year and let all your hard work speak for itself. The results are worth it!