How To DIY And Waterproof A Door Mat?

So you want to have the fun of designing your own DIY doormat at home. We’ll we’ve got just the couple tips to help you get there and how to have it properly sealed to last longer. You’ll need a design in mind, along with a stencil


How Do You Get The Stencil To Stick To The Doormat?

If you're using Oramask 813 stencil vinyl,  you need really press the stencil down onto the mat. This stencil vinyl is quite sticky, so it works nicely on the doormat! You can also make a stencil out of freezer paper. However, you'll need an iron to glue the freezer paper to the mat if you do so.

Should You Use Freezer Paper Or Stencil Vinyl?

The Oramask 813 stencil vinyl is for any stencil projects. But freezer paper is more cost effective and if you’re looking for a cheaper option that might be better for you. Both work, it just depends on what you want to use. If you decide to use freezer paper make sure you cut with the shiny side up and that your mirror your design. When you place your freezer paper stencil on the mat you will need to use an iron (or your Cricut Maker 3) to heat the stencil so that it’ll adhere to your mat. 

What Lasts Longer On A Mat, Flex Seal Or Outdoor Paint?

Flex seal is known to me the better alternatives options to use on your mats. You can buy Flex Seal at any home improvement store or online! Since your mat is exposed to the elements all year long, without a covered porch so the outdoor paint could fade in as quickly as 3 months. If you have a front porch and your mat is protected it’ll last longer. But outdoor paint does fade fast! 

Should You Protect Your Mat With Sealant? 

Yes! Applying a sealant to the mat will help it to not fade as quickly. Definitely protecting anything that you put outdoors is a must!

Best Tips Include:

  • Use a bold typeface for your stencil. Those skinny fonts may look pretty but it’s much easier to paint if you have a really bold font on your DIY doormat.
  • For a cheap (and easy!) way to cut a stencil, use freezer paper from the grocery store.
  • Grab a tiny paintbrush so that you can go over the letters after the initial layer of paint dries. A tiny brush helps you get into all the small crevices, which helps make your letters look bold and more defined.
  • DO NOT USE transfer tape to put your stencil on the mat. Placing Oramask 813 on the mat is very forgiving so you can just pick up the pieces and lay them yourself. I used transfer tape and think that’s what made placing the vinyl such a headache.


Flex Seal Spray is what most DIY mats will use to seal their mats and have them last longer.