How To Find A Perfect Coir Mat For Your Space

Hey there, mat seekers! Ready to dive into the world of coir mats and find the one that's just perfect for your space? We get it – choosing a doormat is more significant than it seems. It's not just about keeping things clean; it's about giving your place that extra coziness. In this blog, we will break down the nitty-gritty of coir mats – from the feel under your feet to the size that fits just right. No more mat-induced headaches – let's make this fun and easy. Get ready to transform your space with the coir mat of your dreams!

Personalized Coco Mats: Uniquely Yours

Our classic personalized mats offer complete customization, allowing you to choose the backing, size, and text that suits your style. The possibilities are endless, with thousands of variations available. Accentuate a touch of luxury to your entrance by printing your custom text or name in the middle, making each mat one of a kind.

Choice of Quality:

  • Thick Premium Handwoven Coco Doormats: Sustainably produced, these mats pack the most coco fiber, providing a unique and eco-friendly solution.
  • Vinyl-Backed Mats: Modern and ultra-thin, these mats embed eco-friendly coco fibers into a PVC vinyl backing, offering skid resistance and water protection.

This Ribbon Border mat is one of the best sellers, giving every porch and entry a dainty look. Look how the Chaves family shares their coco mat via Instagram.


Designer Coco Mats

Our designer coco mats bring color and personality to your entryways. Choose from various themes in different languages, including Pet, Food & Snacks, Family Inspired, Seasonal, Holiday, and International mats.

The Merry Christmas Antlers mat gives a festive and merry feeling on this doorstep. Check out this reel on Instagram.



Plain Coco Mats: Classic and Timeless

From family names to colorful designs, our plain coco mats are a staple for any doorstep. These classic mats add a touch of sophistication to your entrance.

Choice of Thickness:

These 1" thick hand-woven coco mats are a scaled-down version of the Premium handwoven coco mats, these mats also feature a handwoven braid around the edges and are made entirely from sustainably produced coconut husk fibers.


Commercial Coir Mats: Impress with Versatility

Whether for homes or business spaces, coir mats are versatile and cater to your commercial needs. Choose from custom-cut mats, custom logo mats, road roller mats, and for traction such as horse van mats.

These commercial coco mats are versatile and can be used in large to small business entrances. 


Trending Coco Mats: Stay in Style

Embrace the latest trends with our welcoming mats, funny mats, rude mats, boho designs, and mats inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and TikTok. Make a statement at your doorstep with these trendy options.

This "Ring A Bell Win A Dog" coco mat is perfect for fur parents, featuring silly lines to add a fun touch to any doorstep.



Synthetic Fiber Mats: Tough and Durable

For a tough and durable solution, explore our synthetic fiber mats. From coarse coconut husk fibers to tufted surface designs, these mats are perfect for entryways and gardens, keeping your floors clean and tidy.

Complex Boot Scraper Mat is a heavy-duty boot scraper that was designed to take chunks of dirt and debris off from under shoes.



Elevate your entrance with the perfect coir mat tailored to your style and needs. Make a lasting impression with the first step into your space.

Your entrance speaks volumes about your home or business; the right coir mat can make a lasting impression. Whether you prefer the classic and timeless appeal of plain coco mats or the trendsetting designs inspired by your favorite shows and movies, the choices are as varied as your style. Head on to to learn more!