How to Get Your Business Ready for the Winter

Winter has arrived, bringing with it a slew of inclement weather. Mud, water, and salt will be on our streets, but there are a few simple steps you can do to keep it out of your business and boost your brand image.

During the winter months, when the weather is cold or wet outdoors, the entrance of any building provides an opportunity for businesses to make a favourable first impression on visitors, customers, and future employees. It is also the section that will keep the harsh winter weather out of the rest of your office and provide you the opportunity to protect your flooring from damage caused by the elements.

What is the Best Winter Outdoor Mat?

This winter's best outdoor doormat should be durable, easy to clean, and large enough to be useful. You can also take advantage of this occasion to improve your brand's image. For a more memorable customer experience, choose the proper colours and materials, or create a bespoke entrance mat with your brand or welcome message. If you just need heavy-duty mats for a limited time, consider buying in themed outside mats to give your office a festive vibe without being overpowering or garish.

Front entrance mats safeguard your inside floors by lowering the quantity of dirt, wetness, and grit brought into the building. Outdoor doormats that are winter-proof will protect your flooring and eliminate the need for frequent cleaning throughout this season.

Rubber Floor Mats for Any Weather

Outdoor and indoor mats are made from a variety of materials. Heavy-duty doormats come with a variety of backing options, but rubber will outlive all others. Rubber outdoor doormats will not retain moisture (you don't want mouldy mildew), but they will operate as a first line of defence against mud and muck.

When choosing entrance mats, keep in mind that this area of the facility will be the busiest, so plan your mats accordingly. Rubber matting is an excellent choice, especially when used as part of a larger matting system.

Winter Absorbent Indoor Mats

No matter how wonderful your outdoor mat is, moisture will inevitably get through. Keeping a second doormat in the hallway to wipe damp shoes is an excellent strategy to minimise poor weather from spreading throughout your office, business, or restaurant. At Canada Mats, we specialise in assisting customers in locating absorbent doormats that will trap huge amounts of moisture, preventing the spread of damp and lowering the chance of slipping.

How Do You Clean Washable Mats?

To ensure that your doormats stay clean and tidy its best to invest in washable doormats, which you can regularly clean, especially during the winter. Rubber mats are very easy to maintain and can be lifted and the contents swept from underneath and they will withstand a jet wash too, keeping them pristine.

Non-slip, highly absorbent entrance mats are perfect for reception, gym and restaurant and other areas with high traffic and are very easy to maintain. They will require a good shake out from time to time or a hoover when they are dry to collect up all the dirt and dust captured at your entrances.

Washable Door Mats Made to Measure

Most doormats are 3ft x 5ft or 4ft x 6ft in size, however depending on your business's demands and style preferences, bespoke made to measure doormats may be a better option. If you choose Canada Mats as your supplier, the possibilities are unlimited because we create made-to-measure doormats exclusively for your location. Select from a range of styles, materials, colours, and backings to ensure that your custom washable product meets all of your requirements.