How To Install Recessed Floor Matting?

Not all commercial floor mats are suitable for all locations.  To illustrate, consider that airports and other transportation hubs experience a continual inflow and outflow of visitors each day.  Such busy locations require unique commercial matting systems designed to clean and trap substantial amounts of dirt and debris, all while resting at a low profile so as to limit accidental slip-and-falls.

Ordinary floor mats may slip, slide, or curl as hoards of bustling guests enter and exit the building.  Once disoriented, floor mats lose their ability to control dirt and debris.  What’s more, dishevelled mats become an obstacle that may cause guests to slip or trip, triggering potential liability for property owners.  Recessed floor mats are needed in areas of extreme traffic to prevent these problems before they occur.

How Do Recessed Floor Mats Work?

Most Recessed floor mats appear to be identical to ordinary entrance mats.  The difference, however, is in their installation.  Recessed floor mats are installed in one of two ways.

First, they may be installed within an indentation, or recess, in the floor that measures approximately the same length and width of the mat.  This makes for a “flush” application whereby the surface of the mat is in near-perfect alignment with the surface of the floor.

Alternatively, recessed floor mats may be installed within a frame that lies on top of the floor surface.  This installation method is referred to as “surface-mounted.”

Additionally, recessed mats may come with “grills.”  These “grill mats” feature an incredibly durable construction of horizontal metal and carpet inserts.

Recessed grill mats are a special type of recessed floor mat.  These “systems” are comprised of alternating horizontal strips of carpet and a type of metal, often times aluminum.  The metal “grills” embedded within Recessed Grill Mats aggressively scrape against the underside of shoes to remove dirt and other debris particles.  Dirt and debris is effectively contained by the carpet inserts of Recessed Grill Mats, as is excessive moisture from rain, snow, or humidity.  

Are Recessed Floor Mats Right for You?

Recessed mats are a superb option for most locations that experience a high volume of visitors each day.  What’s more, recessed floor mats may be installed with “surface-mounts,” eliminating the need to retroactively create a floor recess to facilitate mat installation.

Choosing between a recessed mat and an ordinary entrance mat is a judgment call to be made by property owners or facility managers.  Important factors to consider include seasonality of weather, number of expected daily visitors, and other environmental conditions unique to the location of the facility.