How to Layer Your Doormats

Besides just having your doormat bare at the entrance, you can throw under a layering doormat to create a cozy, welcoming entryway! Let’s go through how to get that layered look!

While the layered style is all over the internet it’s not sure who started it but is for certain that the entryway looks a lot better with this decorative idea. Switch out your potted plants and side ornaments each season and you’ll have a whole new look with only a little extra effort. This small change will help make your entryway super welcoming to all your guests and give it the perfect look.

There are limitless ways to style layered doormats.  You can go the traditional black and white route that can be gorgeous.  Or, depending on the season, add in some fun colors, patterns, and florals to the mix.  There are no rules – let your creativity show!

For the Base Layer:

Make sure you choose an outdoor rug for the base layer.  It’s most likely going to be exposed to sun and rain.  While outdoor rugs can withstand this to a certain extent, an indoor rug will fade and probably fall apart.  

Also keep in mind what size you’re going to buy. Choose a rug larger then your top layer doormat 18” x 30” such as a 30″ x 50″ rug for our base layer and it fits perfectly.  Any bigger and it would have looked strange with the doormat on top.  If you go any smaller than 3×5, you risk the top doormat completely (or mostly) covering the base layer and defeating the purpose of layering.

Don’t be worried to go bright or vibrant with your base layer. Most top layer mats will look the same so your base layer is where you can have fun with it.

Base Layer Rugs

For the Doormats (Top Layer):

There are so many doormats to choose from these days. Etsy also has some unique options that no one else will have. For the doormat layer, stick with a 18″ x 30″. Most doormats come standard at 2×3 (or 18″ x 30″) so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one you love. You can pick up personalised mats here and get any design you can imagine.

These changes will take your doorway to the next level and have guests admiring your front door!