Indoor and Outdoor Mats: What's the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what exactly are the differences between indoor and outdoor mats? 


Outdoor mats must tolerate climates that indoor mats cannot, such as bitterly cold winters and scorching hot summers. Because outdoor mats may be exposed to the sun for long periods of time, fade resistance is an excellent choice.


Outdoor mats will be the first line of protection against water, snow, ice, dirt, mud, and debris since they will come into touch with the public before an indoor mat. That means you'll want your outdoor mats to be simple to clean and effective at directing dirt and water away.

Duranop Entrance Mats, for example, are nearly unbreakable and can be cleaned with simply a hose. They're made of a blend of synthetic fibres with a composite rubber base, and they're ideal for cleaning dirt and debris off shoes rapidly.

Surface Design

The indoor mat is the last line of defense before the public enters your premises. This means that once you have removed the bulk of dirt and water from shoes, you want your indoor mat to try to remove the rest of any dirt before customers or clients take that dirt everywhere.

A Viper Rib Mat are constructed of looped dual fibers arranged in a ribbed pattern to absorb moisture and scrape away dirt. These cost-effective mats are extremely durable, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use in moderate traffic areas. 

They have a specific surface design that will aggressively wipe the bottoms of shoes to remove all the dirt. When appropriate mats remove all the remaining dirt from shoes, that dirt is not tracked through your commercial space damaging interior floors.

The mat’s surface design should also dry the person’s shoes as much as possible. Wet shoes mean wet floors, and wet floors are slippery floors—the last thing you need.

Waterhog mats are a great example of a mat that pulls moisture away from the surface of the mat to help an individual walk away with dry shoes.

Inspect your mats often to ensure they are in good working order, and replace them if necessary. You want your mats to contribute to the safety of your building rather than cause a slipping or trip hazard. Also, before the snow falls, make sure you have some mats for your commercial space.

The options are limitless. Whatever you decide, let us assist you in choosing the best commercial mats and flooring for your business.