Keeping Your Doormats Clean

We at Coco Mats N More keep reiterating certain things. First, doormats are your first line of defence against dirt, mud and other debris from entering your home. When it comes to keeping your home clean, doormats are your best friends. Second, doormats make your doorway look presentable and pretty. Three, they are a great way to greet guests and make them feel welcome as well as make them chuckle while they wait for you to answer the door. And last, doormats are a great way to give people a glimpse into your personality because you will choose a doormat that appeals to your sensibilities and leanings. 

We stand by all of this. But let's face it, if your doormat is doing its job right, then at some point it is going to get soiled and look very grungy and worn out. If you do not clean it out properly and regularly, it's going to become this raggedy looking thing sitting outside your door, greeting people who drop by. Is that what you want? We didn't think so. Plus, if the mat is that dirty it will defeat the purpose of having a welcome doormat in the first place. If dirt from the doormat tracks in on shoe soles, what's the point in having a doormat!

Fortunately, it does not cost you anything apart from a few minutes every week to keep your mat looking clean and in top condition to do its job. Seriously, doormats are that easy to clean and maintain. Follow us, we'll show you how.  

Simple Tips and Tricks for a Clean Doormat

Weekly Shake Down

Make a date once a week to dry dust the doormat. Now, we are going to need significant upper body strength to achieve the optimal doormat shake down! Relax, we're just messing with you. All you need to do is –

  • Shake your doormat vigorously or beat it against a wall to get rid of all the loose dirt and debris. Needless to say, please do this outside so no one ends up with sneezing spells in the house! And the house doesn't get dirty.
  • For more stubborn dirt particles stuck in the fibers, hang the mat up, use a stick, a broom or anything else handy and beat out the dirt within an inch of its dear life!
  • If there is still something that has survived the beating, we suggest you use a blunt knife or something with a sharp edge to scrape it off.

Monthly Vacuuming

Look at that's way smaller than any room in your house. A quick vaccuum once a month will not take up too much time and will remove any dirt that has been too deep down in the fibers to be rid by beating or brushing. Vacuuming your doormat regularly will not only keep the doormat clean but will not allow stains forming on them either.

What kind of a vacuum is ideal? Any type of vacuum, honestly. Just use an attachment that has those bristles in them. This will loosen out all the dirt stuck deep in the mat fibers and help suck it up.

We came across this useful tip – use the vacuuming time to give your doormat a closer look and make sure it is still in good condition. Are the fibers still dense and thick? Has the backing come loose? Has the mat started getting a bit threadbare? If your doormat is looking worn out, then it's time to replace it. We have a wide range of doormats on Pretty sure you'll find something that's just right for your doorstep. 

Washing the Doormat

There comes a time when dry dusting will get rid of dust and dirt, but it can't get the mat to look fresh and new again. Time for a wash! While washing doormats is easy, not all doormats can be washed. Natural fiber mats cannot be washed as it would ruin the fibers. Doormats that are printed with water soluble dyes would become a runny colorful mess when washed and could look washed out after a wash. Rubber and vinyl backing on mats could crack or melt if you put them through a dryer. Best check the manufacturers care instructions before you wash your doormat. 

If your mat manufacturer gives you the go ahead, then follow this wash procedure:

  • Use a solution of warm water and dish soap. With a plastic-bristled scrub brush and soapy water scrub the mat hard making sure the solution is being worked through the entire mat.
  • Rinse the mat with a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle attachment. This will remove the soapy water and dislodge dirt out of the fibers. Do not forget to wash off the backing.
  • Dry the mat flat or hang it out in the sun to dry. It is advisable not to fold the mat during this time as it is possible it will lose its shape. If it ain’t flat then it ain’t a doormat is it

Disinfect the Doormat

It is a good idea to disinfect the doormat from time to time. Who know what muck gets cleaned on those things, right. All you have to do is –

  • Spray the doormat with a disinfectant spray. Do so after you test the disinfectant on the back of the mat or a small bit on one corner to ensure the spray does not damage the mat.
  • If you do not want to use a store bought disinfectant, then try this home remedy: Prepare a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar. Spray this solution generously on the mat both front and back. White vinegar will kill any mold, bacteria and germs that may be present on the mat.

Here are some additional handy tips and warnings we thought you should pat attention to:

1)    Always read your manufacturer’s instructions to know the requirements for cleaning your doormats. We do not want you to wash a doormat that isn’t meant to be washed. If this is the case just follow the weekly and monthly cleaning ritual mentioned above.
2)    You do not want to place your sparkling clean doormat back onto dirt. So, along with disinfecting the doormat, also clean the floor where the doormat was placed to remove any dirt or bacteria that was caught below the mat.
3)    Slow the build-up of dirt on an outdoor mat by providing a floor-mounted boot and shoe scrub brush outside your door. Use the boot and shoe brush to remove larger amounts of stuck-on mud and dirt from shoes before wiping them on the mat.

Happy Cleaning!