Logo Mats Are A Clever And Practical Way To Promote Brands

We have discovered that logo mats are a simple, low-cost, and successful way to accomplish this, regardless of whether you're searching for a strategy to enhance awareness of a specific product or service that you offer, or you want to increase the reach of your brand as a whole. For your convenience, we have examined some of the key factors that make mats so effective.

Is floor space advertising’s newest frontier?

Store shelf space and window displays are frequently in high demand, and we are confident that you are currently taking advantage of these chances. There must be an alternative remedy. Utilizing mats as floor advertising can help you promote your business and make use of unwanted area on the floor. Find out why this is possible in the next paragraphs.


Put your logo where others can see it.

It's in our instinct to scan the ground in front of us as we move through a store or shopping centre. After all, we don't want to run into any obstacles or trip over anything. Did you know that 64% of consumers pay attention to logo graphics and mats? Ingenious companies will use our propensity to gaze down to promote brand and product recognition.

At a critical juncture in the purchasing process (they're already in the store but haven't made the final purchase), your clients are practically walking on the floor. Using mats that have been thoughtfully positioned in-store can assist give you a second voice and some input into the decisions that your consumers make regarding their purchases.

Simple to launch a new campaign (and reactivate a stagnant one)
You can focus your marketing efforts on various products or steer sales in a specific direction depending on your mood by using mats imprinted with your brand and product information that are simple and convenient to frequently switch up. You'll be able to alter up your advertising easily, whether you do so seasonally or based on what's popular.

Cheap but effective impact

While retail products advertised in this method have an average purchase increase of approximately 13%, logo mats have an average cost per impression of roughly one-tenth of a cent. There is no doubting the fact that this is one of the cheapest ways to boost sales (of course, there is no guarantee that sales will increase via any method).

Don't forget to consider safety.
Consider that these mats will also serve the dual aim of making the shopping experience a little bit safer - both for customers and employees - if all of this hasn't convinced you that they actually work. This is due to the fact that they offer a surface with plenty of grip, reducing the possibility of trips and slips in the store.

In the end, you have a lot of choices regarding how you use your marketing budget. It can be a great approach to enhance sales without putting in a lot of work or money to use brand mats for in-store displays. You may find the ideal product for your needs from our choice of options at Canada Mats thanks to the extensive selection we offer.