Never Trip with Recessed Well Matting 


Commercial buildings have unique needs that affect the type of matting that would be most effective for them. Commercial locations like shops and malls get a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Some see more people than they do trolleys and carts. First impressions certainly count in some circumstances, but so does the budget. Every situation is unique and calls for a certain (and unique) kind of flooring. However, the recessed well and the matting we offer for it are one matting option that works well in all circumstances.

What Is A Recessed Well? 

A square hole that is carved into the floor is known as a recessed well. The depth is typically half an inch, although it can be deeper. It is intended to be filled with synthetic or natural material matting. The well is typically located within residences, just inside the doorway. The well is made in commercial buildings just outside the entryway.

What Kind Of Mats Can Be Used In A Recessed Well?

 Depending on your needs, any type of matting may be used in the recessed well, including nylon, natural and synthetic rubber, natural fibers like coir, fabric, and others. Recessed well matting needs to be customisable since different wells may have different diameters.

Why Do We Have Recessed Wells? 

Matting is held in recessed wells, which keep it flush with the floor. The fact that a recessed well helps keep the carpets from jutting out, which reduces tripping risks, is one of its main benefits. For places with a lot of wheeled traffic, the wells are highly beneficial. Another benefit is that the water, mud, and dust that are scraped off shoe bottoms remain inside the well rather than spreading out and causing an ugly and unsanitary environment. The flooring is kept clean and has a smooth flush look thanks to the recessed wells. In comparison to residential settings, the benefits of a recessed well are more obvious in commercial and industrial settings.

Mats for Recessed Wells

Recessed well mats are available from Canada Mats in a variety of sizes to suit different requirements. Here is a sample of the content that we have on our website.

Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas 


For recessed well matting needs, our vinyl-backed bespoke coco mats are the best choice. To ensure the ideal fit, these coir mats may be cut specifically for the customer. They provide flooring in business spaces with a smooth, tidy, and velvety appearance. Additionally, because first impressions are so essential in an office or business area, coir makes a terrific boot scraper for removing water, grime, and dust from shoe bottoms and ensuring that the interior of commercial buildings stays clean.

The natural coconut husk used to make the bespoke coir recessed mats makes them eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured, attractive, and fashionable.

Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas comes in four thickness option: 

1" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas

1/2" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas

3/4" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas

5/8" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas

The best option for hotels, restaurants, and office lobbies that must maintain a tidy, elegant, and environmentally responsible appearance is Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas. A variety of recessed well products manufactured from strong and long-lasting vinyl are available from Canada Mats in addition to Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas (PVC). For shops, malls, and other locations with heavy foot traffic, these mats are useful and affordable options.


Consider recessed wells with matting if you want a long-lasting, slip-free, and stylish flooring option. They will be very profitable in the long term since they are affordable, simple to maintain, and lasting.

Visit us at our Recessed Well Matting page for more recessed matting solutions. We hope you find the right matting for your needs!