Non-Slip Mats: Eight Typical Retail Locations Where They Are Required

Every business owner wants to make sure that their location offers a secure setting for their workers, clients, and future customers. Non-slip mats can be added to places of the workplace that are prone to accidents to give good traction. This is the first and most crucial step in preventing mishaps that can cause catastrophic injury and expensive losses for your company.

But which retail settings will gain the most from non-slip mats?

  1. Kitchens – Nowadays, the majority of organizations have a kitchen that is accessible to employees. These areas are prone to spillage, which, if not cleaned up right after, might provide a slipping hazard. Such risks can actually be removed by a rubber runner or drainage mat.
  2. Food Courts & Cafeterias – There is a higher chance of spilling whenever food and drinks leave the knowledgeable hands of servers and enter those of customers. Spills will be quickly cleaned up, but a mat can make sure that the space is still secure.
  3. Serving Lines & Buffets – Let's face it, we are all occasionally clumsy. Spills can and do occur in high-traffic locations where customers serve themselves, like serving lines and buffets. Even after a spill, the placement of mats helps keep the space secure and the lines going.
  4. Laundry Rooms & Laundromats – These kinds of places frequently encounter accidents of various kinds, including people spilling detergent and broken appliances. Rubber and drainage mats are ideal in this situation since they offer a non-slip surface and allow water to properly drain off.
  5. Dishwashers & Sinks – There are slipping dangers practically everywhere there is water that is almost always running. By allowing water to drain out and offering lots of grip underfoot, the correct kind of mats can prevent these risks (even when a little damp).
  6. Drinking Fountains & Beverage Dispensers – Any type of beverage, from coffee to soft drinks, can provide a slippery danger if spilled. The problem is not just with water. They may also be sticky, which makes them unpleasant to step on. Drainage mats can support surface cleanliness.
  7. Soap Dispensers – Keep in mind that people frequently use soap dispensers with moist hands, which could cause water to spill onto the ground. These mats can be placed at sinks to guarantee that people have a lot of grip on the ground, and it will be even better if it can drain off.
  8. Building Entrances – These are among the few places that must be cleaned up after and exposed to the elements. Weather, like rain and snow, can lead to moisture on the ground that becomes slippery. Rubber mats that are non-slip can readily solve these problems.

As you can see, there are several spots around retail workplaces where there may be slipping hazards. Non-slip mats placed in these locations can aid in preventing accidents from happening inside and outside of your place of business, thereby ensuring the safety of both staff and customers. The use of a drainage system that enables liquids to be absorbed into the mat is even preferable.