Our Month in Mats: March

All too fast March is ending! Hello…where did January and February go? Kind of makes you wonder if time has just started traveling at the speed of light. We know where all our time has gone though: creating great mats for clients, working hard, and living up to our promise of delivering quality for your money. We thought it would be a good time to showcase some work we have done for our clients.

Earth Animal

This coco doormat was done for Earth Animal. It’s a fine example of inlay work that looks like print. To help you truly appreciate the craftsmanship here, allow us to give you a quick intro to inlaying. That plain brown coco mat is a base mat. The entire logo was traced out on it and then cut and removed from the base mat. Then we repeated the process on a plain black mat. Finally, the logo that was cut out of the black mat was inserted into the plain coco base mat. The process is called inlaying. Inlaid mats take longer to make, requiring precision and expertise, but the result is a print that’s rich, tufted, and long lasting. Now there are inlaid mats and there are inlaid mats but only someone good at their craft can get precision detailing on inlaid mats. This mat has a Kera brown detailing inlaid into a natural coir mat.

Elysian Bar

This mat too is an inlaid coco mat…they are really in demand! In this mat, a dark red logo has been inlaid into natural coco mat. All of our mats are made as per the logo or design that clients send us.

If you own a business, you can get a logo mat done from us. We do them in printed as well as inlaid formats. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you with details and advice. Email: sales@cocomatsnmore.com Phone: 866-561-1921