Expert Tips for Installing and Maintaining Horse Van Mats

What is Horse Van Mats?

Horse van mats are an excellent solution for your horse's travel needs. These handwoven mats mimic the feel of turf and provide 1.5" padding, mimicking the comfort of their own paddock or stall floor. The coarse surface of coir mats is highly welcome ground for horses, who will feel right at home on these durable mats during their travels.



What are the Benefits of Horse Van Mats?

  • Horse van mats are a great way to provide sure footing for your equines, and they can also help prevent slips and falls. In addition, the mats offer comfort and protection against the cold metal flooring of your horse trailer.
  • Provide safe and secure transport on the ramp. 
  • It provides comfort and protection.
  • Solid and tough, these mats resist rot, mildew, and stains.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably made.



How to Install Horse Van Mats?

Installing your horse van mats is easy. Just go on the ramp and make it soft and not slippery for the horse. Then, place the mat securely, ensuring it's adequately stationed. 

How to Choose the Right Horse Van Mat?


Always consider the measurement of the ramp and vehicle to be used for transportation. Sizes range from 3'x5': 16lbs, 3'x6': 20lbs, 3'x8': 27lbs, 3'x10': 33lbs, 4'x 6': 29lbs and 4' x 10': 51lbs.


Horse Van Mats are handwoven and made from 100% pure coconut husks. The standard thickness is 1.5 padding.; this is the best and most appropriate for traction. 


Made with the finest coconut fibers, Horse Van Mats are versatile and can withstand any season. From winter, wet to the driest season. It can secure your horse's safety against inclement weather while transporting.

Cleaning and Maintaining Horse Van Mats

  • Vacuum the mat regularly.
  • Remove debris from the carpet, such as hay and dirt, with a broom or brush.

In conclusion, horse van mats are a game-changer for equine travel. They provide a safe and comfortable surface to stand on during transport and mimic the feel of being in their own paddock or stall. So say goodbye to slippery rides and hello to a comfortable, stress-free equine travel experience with horse van mats!