Should You Give Entry Mats Any Thought?

You Control Your Building’s Operations Budget

The majority of property managers are constrained by their ever-increasing workloads and decreasing operating budgets. You're constantly expected to achieve more with less! To stretch that budget even further, looking closely at your building's entry matting is a terrific method to find hidden efficiencies that nearly always result in additional savings. Did you know that, on average, renting entry mats for a week costs roughly 50% more than buying and maintaining them yourself over a three-year period? High-quality matting lasts up to 10 years or more in commercial service, and the savings increase with time. The cost of ownership reductions don't end there; they also include savings from easier-to-maintain floors that are cleaner, safer, and dryer.

You Create Brand Awareness And Marketing Strategies For Your Company

Most individuals pay attention to where they're going, so when they enter a place, their eyes are frequently on the ground. Why not place your brand's logo or messaging right in their line of sight? Most merchants have been ignoring the latent branding potential of the flooring in your business. Improve facility cleanliness and safety by using entrance mats, and at the same time, strengthen your brand recognition with an engraved logo! A well-maintained commercial property must have entrance matting, so why not make the most of that blank canvas to communicate your message?

You Manage Custodial Services

Professionals in property management are constantly seeking for clever methods to save expenses, increase efficiencies, and do more with less resources. Entrance mats of proper function and high quality can cut down on the time you spend cleaning floors. High-performance, high-quality matting effectively captures and holds entering dirt, keeping it concentrated at the entrance points where cleanup is quick and simple...not dispersed throughout your facility. This is in contrast to floppy, sloppy rental matting. Imagine that approaching dirt is similar to a sticky liquid that has been spilt: it is far simpler and quicker to clean up a small pool of sticky spilled liquid than it is a fine mist that covers hundreds of square feet!

You Are Responsible For Workplace Health And Safety

Trip-and-fall hazards provide a safety risk to both employees and clients/visitors, thus H&S officials need to keep a close look out for them. Because they are so floppy and don't remain in place or lie flat on the floor, rental mats are infamous for being tripping hazards. When people walk over rented mats, their shoes snag on the edges and corners, causing them to crease, flop over, and pose a major trip and fall risk. Because rental mats are "launderable," which is another way of saying "as floppy as a bath towel because this mat has to be limp enough to go into an industrial washing machine," they are more likely to flop.

You don't gain from what's advantageous for the rental service, then why shouldn't YOU benefit from the cost of having entrance mats?


You Manage The Customer Satisfaction And Experience

The first physical contact that clients and guests have with your place is through the entrance mat. Your floor mats have a significant impact on people's initial impressions because it is the first interior building feature they directly touch. Do they appear neat and tidy or are they unkempt and littered with trash? Do they fit the area well, or are they just a haphazard collection of different throw-down mats? Underfoot, do they feel solid and secure or slick and floppy? Customers form assumptions about a company without even being aware of it. Are you allowing subpar mats to undercut the effort you've put into providing a top-notch customer experience?