Sick of Working From a Couch? Create a Small Home Office Instead

Sick of Working From a Couch? Create a Small Home Office Instead


Before this year began, we all dreamed of working from home. But as remote work became the norm, we all realized just how challenging this setup can be. Especially when you are working with minimal space. If your home is on the smaller side, know that you can still carve out a workspace of your own. You just need to get creative, and this guide can help.


Some Home Office Basics


We’ll get to design in just a moment. First, let’s talk about some of the essential gear you will need to build a productive new workspace, including:


An Affordable Laptop and Security


When you’re short on space a laptop is bound to be a better fit than a bulky PC. If you’re looking to buy one in the next few weeks, a lot of online shops are offering some pretty incredible Black Friday deals on laptops. In fact, Lenovo always has amazing discounts on already affordable laptops. Before you fire up your new laptop, you spend some time reviewing the latest internet safety tips. This way you won’t become a victim of identity theft or a data breach.


A Compact Desk


You’ll also need a space for your laptop, paperwork and other work gear, and investing in a desk that allows you to stand may be the best choice. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk for some major health issues by sitting all day. Standing desks are the perfect combination of style and function, and most can be converted into traditional desks. If you do opt for a standing desk, your legs and feet will need some extra support, so pick up an anti-fatigue mat from Coco Mats N More.


A Comfy Chair


Standing all day is an option, but it’s also wise to sit down from time to time. That’s why in addition to a convertible desk, you should also budget for a multi-purpose chair. Choose a chair that is as stylish as it is supportive, like a jewel-toned velvet option or a durable cotton-blend armchair. Then you can move your new chair around to different spaces and use it for multiple purposes.


Office Style and Organization


Now is the time for the fun part of your makeover! Because once you have the basics, you can use small touches to inject your own personal style into your new workspace. Here are some elements to think about:


Paint and Decor Colors


Are you transforming a spare closet into some dedicated workspace? If so, you don’t have to sacrifice style! You can use paint, wallpaper and other materials in fun colors to help your new office feel more welcoming. Chalk paint is another creative option that can turn your wall into an organizational tool. Want to set a certain mood? Then you know which colors invoke the desired effect. For example, orange can boost creativity.


Desk Tools and Organizers


Besides a desk and laptop, you’ll also need some basics to keep your workspace tidy. However, your desk accessories don’t have to be basic when it comes to style. You can find staplers, scissors and everything in-between to coordinate with the new colors you picked out. Add in a sophisticated planner and some quality pens, and you have all you need to stay productive.


Some Final Touches


Up until now, we’ve focused on what you need to fit a functional workspace into minimal square footage. Now that you have these essentials, there are some final touches that can maximize your productivity. For example, adding some greenery to your space with a few low-light and low-maintenance plants. Spider and snake plants are both perfect choices. Finally, think about adding a top-rated oil diffuser for some added focus and stress relief.


Honestly, we’re probably going to be working remotely for a while. Which makes this the perfect time to transform a corner or closet in your smaller home into a dedicated and functional home office. Then you can spend the coming months working from home in comfort and style.


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