Taking Care of Your Doormats

We keep saying the same things. The first line of defence against dirt, mud, and other debris entering your home is a set of doormats. Doormats are your best buddies if you want to keep your house tidy. Doormats also improve the appearance of your doorway. Three, they are an excellent method to welcome visitors, make them feel at home, and provide them with entertainment while they wait for you to answer the door. Finally, doormats are a terrific method to let others see a little bit of your individuality since you will pick one that suits your tastes and political leanings.

All of this is supported by us. But let's face it, if your doormat is performing its job well, it will eventually become dirty and appear pretty worn out. If you don't properly and frequently clean it out, it will eventually turn into this scruffy-looking object that sits outside your door and welcomes passersby. Do you really want that? We didn't believe it. Additionally, the objective of having a welcoming doormat in the first place will be defeated if the mat is that filthy. What's the use of a doormat if dirt from it is tracked in on shoe soles?

Fortunately, maintaining your mat in pristine shape so that it can perform its job does not cost you anything other than a few minutes each week. Really, doormats are very simple to keep and clean. We'll show you how if you follow us.

Simple Cleaning Techniques for a Doormat

Shake Down Weekly

Schedule a time to dry dust the doormat once each week. We will now want considerable upper body power to do the ideal doormat shakedown! We're simply playing a joke on you, so relax. Everything you must do is -

To remove all the loose dirt and particles, violently shake your doormat or bang it against a wall. Needless to mention, please conduct this outside to prevent anyone from experiencing sneezing fits inside! Additionally, the place stays clean.

Hang the mat up, grab a stick, a broom, or whatever else you have on hand, and beat the dirt out to within an inch of its life if there are any more tenacious dirt particles caught in the fibres!

We advise using a dull knife or something with a sharp edge to scrape off anything that has managed to survive the pounding.

Monthly Vacuuming

That mat is far smaller than any room in your house, as you can see. One fast vacuuming once a month won't take much time and will get rid of any dirt that has gotten into the fibres too deeply to be removed by beating or brushing. Regular vacuuming will prevent stains from accumulating on your doormat in addition to keeping it clean.

What sort of vacuum should I use? honestly, any kind of vacuum. Simply use an attachment with those bristles. This will help suck out the dirt by loosening it up that has become deeply embedded in the mat fibres.

We came across this useful tip – use the vacuuming time to give your doormat a closer look and make sure it is still in good condition. Are the fibers still dense and thick? Has the backing come loose? Has the mat started getting a bit threadbare? If your doormat is looking worn out, then it's time to replace it. We have a wide range of doormats on www.canadamats.ca. Pretty sure you'll find something that's just right for your doorstep. 

Washing the Doormat

There comes a point where dry dusting will remove dirt and dust but won't make the mat seem brand new. It's time to wash! Although it is simple to wash doormats, not all doormats can be washed. Natural fibre mats cannot be machine cleaned due to the fibres' potential damage. When cleaned, doormats printed with water-soluble colours would turn into a multicoloured jumble and could appear washed out. Mats with rubber or vinyl backing risk melting or cracking if dried in a dryer. Before washing your doormat, it is best to verify the manufacturer's guidelines for care.If your mat's manufacturer gives the green light, use the following washing instructions:

Use a warm water and dish soap mixture. Scrub the mat vigorously, making careful to work the solution over the whole surface with a plastic-bristled scrub brush and soapy water.

Use a garden hose attachment with a high-pressure nozzle to rinse the mat. By doing so, the soapy water will be removed and the fibres will be free of filth. Remember to wash the backing off.

The mat may be dried flat or by hanging it outside in the sun. It is best to avoid folding the mat during this period as it can lose its form. If something isn't flat, it isn't a doormat, right?

Cheers to cleaning!