The Best Outdoor Doormats of 2022

Make sure muck stays outside with these charming outdoor doormats.

An appealing outdoor doormat sets a good first impression while also keeping mud and dirt at bay. Besides adding an inviting accent to your front porch, these mats can also keep your entryway cleaner. A good doormat will catch water, dust, and dirt, which means you’ll spend less time vacuuming and wiping your floors of wet footprints and muddy paw prints. The best outdoor doormats ahead provide a warm welcome into your home and keep grime from being tracked indoors.

1. Waterhog Doormat


Waterhog has made a name for itself with its heavy-duty outdoor doormats. Bi-level surface effectively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking. Reinforced rubber nubs prevent pile from crushing and extend the performance life of the mat. Solution-dyed PET fabric is resistant to staining, dries quickly, and will not fade or rot. A raised border and a nonslip rubber backing helps contain puddles, holding up to 1½ gallons of water per square yard of mat. Beyond its high-performance build, this doormat has a classic waffle pattern and comes in several colors to suit your front porch decor.

Get the Waterhog Doormat at CanadaMats for $31.99

2. 3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting


3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting is made of bonded vinyl loops. This backless matting traps dirt and allows debris and moisture to drain through, keeping the surface of the mat safe and dry. With its durability and open construction, this matting is perfect for outdoor areas with heavy traffic.

The 8100 is designed to be used within indoor and outdoor recessed wells and is made with grease and oil resistant material, making it able to stand up to the toughest challenges.

Get the 3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting on CanadaMats for $393.99

3. Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Door Mat

With an attractive parquet design the Parquet Wiper Scraper Entrance Mats effectively wipes away mud, grime and dirt off from shoes. Ideal and effective entrance mat solution for the fight against dirt, the Parquet Wiper Scraper Entrance mat will prevent debris from entering your office space, protecting your interiors and keep it safe and accessible for your customers and employees alike.

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4. Single Border Personalized Doormat

For wide doorways, reach for this outdoor door mat from Canada Mats. This mat comes in several sizes, including an extra-wide 60-inch width, making it ideal for double-doored entryways. For a classic look and excellent performance, this doormat is made of 100% handwoven coir. It’s long lasting, fade resistant, and durable for everyday use.

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5. Herringbone Weave Coco Runners

With its woven design, this outdoor doormat brings an airy appeal to your entryway. It’s made from durable coco fibers to create a mildew-, stain-, and fade-resistant mat. The weave catches dirt and rocks and is easy to clean with a quick shake or pass of a vacuum. Since this natural mat comes in a neutral hue, it will suit most patios and porches.

Get the Herringbone Weave Coco Runners at CanadaMats for $14.00

Our Verdict

The Waterhog Doormat is a high-performance pick with a crush-resistant, textured surface and the ability to hold around 1½ gallons of water. Another good pick is the Single Border Personalised Coco Coir Door Mat, which is an affordable outdoor mat made with 100 percent coconut coir for a classic look and feel.